Sunday, 8 July 2012

Elective ceasarean or vaginal birth

 Tomorrow i have the appointment i've been waiting for since i found out i was expecting baby number 2.

Some of you will have read Sebastian's birth story(if not its here) , because it ended with a c-section i have to see a consultant this time around.
When i saw my midwife for the first time she asked about Sebs birth and i couldn't give her alot of details, i have no idea how much i dilated, no idea why i had to have general anaesthetic and she was pretty surprised and said i was lucky as these sort of births can lead to PND. She also advised me that when i got to see the consultant to go through everything that happened with them as they should have all of the information. I'm really looking forward to this and hoping it will give me some closure as i still have issues with my experience both at the birth and my aftercare hence my choice to go to a hospital further away this time.

We will also be discussing if i will be having an elective c section or if i will try for a vaginal birth with this baby. After my initial enthusiasn to have a vbac this time around, as my pregnancy goes on i find myself torn on the subject.
I have quite a few questions to ask, i want to know how likely it is that i would end up with an emergency c-section and if i do will i end up with another general anaesthetic as i want to avoid that at all costs. Am i more likely to have another breech baby? Will i be scanned to check? 
Obviously if i went for an elective c section, i would have to stay in hospital for at least 2 days and it will be harder recovering after with a toddler and a newborn to look after but on the flipside, my delivery will be much calmer, i'll be able to hold my baby right away and get breastfeeding started and Phil will be there and i won't have the worry of things ending up how they did last time which is already playing on my mind. 

I am looking forward to the appointment but i am also feeling nervous, i hope i get some answers regarding Sebs birth and i'm hoping to feel more reassured about whats to come too. I'm not sure if i will be able to decide what i want tomorrow but i would like to feel more informed.

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