Thursday, 26 July 2012

Review: Happyland Race Track Sports Day Set

Well the whole country is now going sports mad due to a certain event going on in London(are we allowed to mention it or not?!!) so i decided it was time to get out the Happyland Race Track Sports Day set that i ordered months ago knowing it was going to be a sporty summer.

 I set it up on the table ready for when he woke from his nap.
I showed Seb how the people go around the track and how to make them jump over the hurdles etc and though he did copy me,  he is a little young to appreciate this toy properly and i think it would be better suited to a slightly older child though it is stated as being suitable for a of child 18 months plus.
The track is actually made up of large puzzle pieces which Seb enjoys taking apart rather then using as a track and the hurdles etc quicky end up on the floor. I think the track would have been better as one piece that folds like the board you get in a game in order to stop it being taken apart. 
He does however love the people that came in this, and had spent ages playing with those(including drowning them in my glass of water). So i think for his age group buying the set of Sport Athletes would be better option. 

Much as i'm a fan of Happylan toys this one wasn't for us at the moment so the track has gone away although the people are still out to pay with. 

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