Friday, 31 August 2012

Foodie Friday: Easy Salmon Pie

I got this recipe from the Sainsbury's magazine, i don't actually eat fish(even the smell at the moment makes me want to vom) but Phil and Seb do. so i tore this out and kept to make for them because of how simple it looked.
I did change it from the recipe slightly and made my own mash rather then ready made.I won't tell you how to make the mash, i'll just say i used 2 medium potatos and that made plenty for this recipe. 

2 salmon fillets, skinless and boneless
75g soft cheese
1tbsp fresh chopped chives
1tsp unsalted butter
mashed potato

Preheat the oven to 200C and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper, then pop the fillets on.
Mix the chives and soft cheese together and spread this mixture over the top of the fillets.
Then spread the mash over the top of the fillets and brush the melted butter over the top.
Pop in the oven for approx 15 minutes(until the salmon is cooked)
Season with pepper and serve :)
See its easy peasy!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Activity: Apple Printing

More rainy day painting!  Painting seems to be my easy option for rainy afternoons, i guess it is easy for me to tidy up without having to get down on the floor as i do it in his highchair .
This time we did apple printing using red and green paints. 
Seb liked printing with the 'papple' but it was hard for him to grip so we carved a little handle in it for him which worked really well. 
I loved the effect of using the 2 colours of paints on black paper, the pictures came out really nicely. 


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Making me happy

I have lots of things making me happy this week :) 

Getting my lovely new Bobbi Brown concealer,( pricey but so worth it) and getting free samples of Lancome perfume and L'Occataine handcream
Buying new books from the charity shop, 50p each!!
Washing all the newborn baby bits, i was particularly excited to have my fluffy nappies drying on the airer
Making(and eating) chocolate crispy cakes with Seb
My gorgeous new mug from Laura Ashley, it makes me think of sunshine
  • Tying up loose ends for the wedding, this week we're getting Seb's outfit, meeting with our photographer and sending off final payments.

What is making you happy this week?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Not everyone is happy to see the pink line

 If you have been watching recent the BBC2 series about midwives, you may have seen the episode a couple of weeks ago with an 18 year old girl who became pregnant in a new relationship and she was struggling to deal with her pregnancy. Now on twitter i saw quite a comments judging this girl, about how she got pregnant(i think they'd been together 6 weeks or something similar) and also because she wasn't overly happy and excited about being pregnant and seemed to not want her baby. 
I felt incredibly sorry for this girl and was really pleased when at the end of the programme she appeared to be doing a fantastic job with her little one. 

I think it can he hard sometimes for some people to understand that many people aren't overjoyed to be pregnant, roll back a few years and i probably would have judged her too...
 When i fell pregnant with Seb, i was most definitely not in the overjoyed camp. Me and Phil were not even a couple(we had been a couple a few months previously) and we both lived at home with our parents. My weekends were spent out partying and flirting and all of my wages went on clothes, shoes and make up. I had a nice easy life with no stresses, apart from what i should wear out that night,
When i peed on the stick, i kind of already knew what it would say, i don't know how but i just knew. I still did several tests, including a digital one in the toilets of my local shopping centre, i was alone for all of them and didn't have anyone to tell my 'happy' news too.
What did i feel? Upset and bloody terrified pretty much sums it up. I text Phil, and he wasn't over the moon either. It isn't how i planned my first child being conceived and we did consider all of our options carefully, i spoke to my doctors about both adoption and termination but i think deep down i knew whatever happened with me and Phil, i would be having the baby. 
When i told my parents(the most scary thing I've ever had to do) my dad said he didn't think i was that stupid. He had a point, i was in my mid twenties and had a nice easy life with no worries. I wasn't the kind of girl you'd stereotypically think would find herself knocked up with no partner. After the initial shock my parents were very supportive of my choice which really helped, i knew if i had their support it would be ok.

Me and Phil had alot of serious discussions and we decided that we would give it a go as a couple for our baby. Now i don't think this is the right option for everyone who is in a similar situation, it most definitely helped that we had previously been in a relationship with each other and that we were realistic that it may not work out, we also both had supportive families. I don't advocate staying together for the sake of the child to people in every situation as there are many many times when it is better not to do this(anyone who has ever seen Jeremy Kyle can attest to this!)
We stayed living at our parents and 'dated' then when i was about 6 months pregnant we moved into a flat together. Although we were both very excited about the baby, i did have days where i wondered on the hell i was doing and if it would all be ok.
Now 2.5 years later Seb is thriving, we are about to get married and our second baby is due in 10 weeks and we are stupidly happy, i can't imagine life without Phil or Seb.
 Pregnancy the second time around has been very different, although i was a little surprised(it happened sooner then expected!) i had none of the stress and worry i did the first time, everyone offered me their congratulations(this didn't happen the first time around) and we are overjoyed! 

Life has a funny way of working out for the best, what might seem like the scariest thing can turn out to be the best thing that ever happens to you.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Review: Nurture Box

 Nurture Box is a brand new monthly box delivered to your door filled with products for your child and a lovely treat for mum(or dad!).

It came about when Alice and Eddie (awaiting the arrival of their first baby) began looking for baby products. As we all know there is so much out there, it can be hard to know which items to choose for the best. So they decided to set up a monthly box where you receive lovely products that have been tried, tested and recommended by other parents. You won't find products in these boxes where companies have paid to have them included, they are all hand picked by their parenting panel.
These are also age specific so that you receive items that are suitable for your child.
Me and Seb were contacted by Nurture Box recently and asked if we would like to review their first box. I accepted and we eagerly awaited the arrival of our parcel. It arrived last week in a nice sized box and the items inside were wrapped in fab bright orange tissue paper(i'm a sucker for nice presentation!)
The theme of the first box is Happy Holidays and it contained...
  • Green Baby Organic blue and white striped beach towel- gorgeous and soft on the skin
  • Piccalilly reversible sunhat- a lovely soft hat made from organic cotton
  • Green People Organic Sunscreen- a natural product to protect your little person from the sun
  • Organic Mandarin Body Lotion- another natural product with a gorgeous gentle scent perfect for after the bath
  • Green People Travel Cleanser and Moisturiser for me!! 
  • Pamphlet with information on the products and hints and tips to fit in with the theme of the box. I like the idea of the pamphlet, its always good to have extra information on the products you are using. 
We put the towel to use straight away, it came swimming with us, the hat and sunscreen are in the change bag ready to use when the sun makes an appearance, the body lotion is being used to keep Seb's skin supersoft and the cleanser and moisturiser are in my hospital bag ready and waiting. 

I really like the concept of this box, it's a great way to find out about products which parents genuinely love but that you may not have heard of before. If you're anything like me you'll love the idea of receiving something lovely in the post each month, especially when there is a treat inside for yourself too.

To sign up for Nurture Box you simply need to visit the website. Subscriptions are from £19-£22 per month with free postage, the contents in the box are worth between £35 and £45 per month so its great value. You can even sign up to it as a gift for someone else.

My readers are currently being offered a massive 20% discount on any new subscription order*. Just sign up before 1st October and enter Nurture1 when you place your order. 

*Nurture10 offer valid for new subscriptions only. For monthly subscriptions, 20% discount is applied to first month only. Offer not valid for previous purchases. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Other restrictions apply.

As well as all of this, for each Nurture Box that is sold a meal is donated to a hungry child through United Nations World Food Programme, a worthy cause as i'm sure you'll agree.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Something old, something new

I haven't posted much about our upcoming wedding as that's not really the focus of this blog but now its merely a month away i thought I'd do a little post. 

When we got engaged last year we decided to get wedding planning right away rather then waiting years to do it. We didn't want a big fancy wedding so set a small budget to fit in with what we wanted, set the date of 28th September 2012  and started looking for venues. 

Fast forward several months and i found out i was pregnant. I have to say one of my first thoughts on finding out was that i wouldn't be able to wear my beautiful wedding dress, and even now i still haven't been able to bring myself to sell it! I'll be 8 months pregnant when we get married and i wouldn't recommend it, i won't be wearing a proper wedding dress and I'm kind of dreading the photos when i don't feel at my most attractive. However at least i haven't been on any punishing diets in the run up to the wedding!

 At the moment i keep veering between excitement and feeling like a big ball of stress. We've done really well and have managed to arrange the whole wedding on a relatively(compared to average) small budget of around £3000. Originally i just wanted a small ceremony and to just go for a lovely meal with close friends and family afterwards, instead we're having the small ceremony but then being joined by more people for a larger reception.

Obviously i don't want to give too much away about our big day but i will say that i am very much looking forward to wearing my beautiful shoes, riding in a lovely car, eating from our candy buffet and of course becoming a Mrs although we still haven't settled on if i will take Phil's name or double barrel which is what we did with Seb's name.


Friday, 24 August 2012

Review: Cussons Mum and Me Range

Me and Seb were lucky enough to be sent a couple of products from the new Cussons Mum and Me range to try out.  
I had kept seeing this range talked about and have actually got a couple of bits bought and put away for the new baby so it was nice to have a chance to try some out for me and Seb too. I love that there are products on offer for pregnancy, new mums and babies.

First up i was sent the New Mum Shampoo and Conditioner
I'm lucky that my hair is enjoying pregnancy and it's lovely, shiny and soft and this shampoo/conditioner has kept it that way. I like 2 in 1's at the moment as with Seb being a crazy toddler, i get 5 minutes to shower so i need products that work fast! This literally takes a minute to use even on my very long hair. Another bonus is the lovely smell :)

The second product we were sent is the Baby Emollient Body Cream.

This comes in a generous sized tub so will last for ages when used on a small person! The cream itself is gorgeous and thick and really moisturising(i tested some on my own dry patches) and its fragrance free too, great for sensitive skins. It sinks in quickly and i didn't find it greasy to use.  I'm going to invest in some more of this before baby number 2 arrives.

These products are available to buy now. You can get more information at

**We were sent these products for review but all opinions are my own**

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Activity: Baking cookies with mama

 What better way to spend 30 minutes then baking some chocolate chunk cookies with your little one?
Not only do you get to make mess, you also get to have something delicious as a reward for tidying up.
We made these cookies while it was rainy outside. 
Seb loved getting his hands in the dough and having a taste although he wasn't too impressed! He did like the finished result though as did daddy.
I love how a simple acitivity like baking involves maths, science and language skills all without realising.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Activity:Eggbox Printing

A cheap and easy rainy afternoon activity. Cut up an old eggbox, dunk it into some pain and voila! 

Seb did do some dunking and printing but to be honest he was far more interested in the feel of paint on his fingers and using it as finger paints which is fine by me as its all about texture and getting messy.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Review: Warburtons Baked Naan Chips

You know that you're in for a treat when a large box from Warburtons is delivered to you, especially when you open it up to find a selection of their new baked naan chips. inside! We were sent these to try out and as curry fans(korma was my pregnancy craving with Seb) we couldn't wait to get tasting!
These naan inspired snacks come in 3 flavours. Chicken Korma, Classic Tikka and Fiery Madras to suit everyones tastes. They come in big 150g bags ideal for sharing(or not!) these contain no articifical ingrediants and are baked rather then fried meaning they contain less fat then the average potato crisps. 
 Me and Phil(and Seb) all had a try of these. Me and Seb loved the Korma flavour, they are really nice and crunchy with a real Korma taste. Phil devoured the Tikka Flavour which were slightly hotter. The Madras flavour were also delicious and quite spicy, for me these would be lovely with a dip on night in watching a film or the X Factor!

 We've saved a pack of the Tikka ones to try with a curry next time we have one as an alternative to our usual popadoms, i can see them being a really lovely accompaniment. 

Warburtons Baked Naan Chips are available now in Morrisons and Booths with the RSP of £1.79. 
For further information, visit:

***These products were sent to me to review but all opinions are my own***

Monday, 20 August 2012

29 week midwife appointment

Friday saw me having my 29 week midwife appointment.
I had a stand in midwife today and she was really lovely, i told her how i wasn't happy with the consultant appointment that i'd had and she was really good.
 Baby boy is measuring 31 weeks and has a lovely strong heartbeat. I measured ahead with Seb too, i think as he was long when he was born he could only grow outwards so am thinking the same may be true with this one.
I had my bloods taken last week at the same time as having my GTT test and all the results are fine which is a relief. 
However my blood pressure is up and there was protein in my urine sample so i've been told to watch out for the signs of pre-eclampsia and head to hospital if i show any, i have to say this left me feeling a bit stressed out though the midwife said if i didn't have it last time then i was unlikely to develop it this time around. 
She was also the first medical person to actually listen to me about my sickness, i had been throwing up before my appointment and told her exactly how i end up feeling and she thinks its time i get given some anti sickness drugs and so i'm off to the doctors this week(when i can get an appointnment!). Hurrah!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Foodie Friday: Angel Delight Ice Cream

 We all like an ice cream on a sunny day but as i don't have a freezer(just the ice box in my fridge) we can't really store tubs of ice cream or it would literally take up the only space we have for frozen bits!  
So when i saw Angel Delights new ice cream mixes i thought they would ideal for us. Now i'm not a big fan of Angel Delight but at 75p a sachet  i decided they were worth a go so i picked up the Butterscotch Flavour and also the Chocolate flavour along with some extras to mix in with the ice cream as suggested on the pack. 

Its really easy to make, all you have to do is mix the sachet contents with 150ml of milk, whisk for a few minutes and thats pretty much it. You can add in your extras now. For the Butterscotch i got a Crunchie bar and bashed it up and mixed some in the ice cream and put the rest on top. For the chocolate i added white buttons and a little crumbled milk chocolate. 
Then all you need to do is pop into an airtight container and into the freezer for at least 4 hours(i left ours overnight)

 I was really impressed with these, the butterscotch flavour is so nice and i've ordered another pack of that and also a vanilla one to make with fresh fruit inside.
Definately worth having in the cupboard! 

Thursday, 16 August 2012

I think the terrible twos have landed

Seb is 20 months now and over the last week or so his tantrums have become epic.

Like most toddlers he has always had his moments but they have now really stepped up a gear. I think the terrible twos may have arrived.
Everytime i say no or stop him from doing something the wailing starts along with the kicking, hitting and throwing. He is also trying to do things that he can't quite manage like dressing himself and gets so frustrated with himself that it triggers a meltdown and woe betide if you try to help him out.

From a mums point of view its hard work. I know all the 'right' things to do from my childcare training and 99% of the time i do it, explain why he can't pull the wire/ touch the oven/ put the megabloks in the washing machine and then move him away from the situation or distract him with something else but i have to say its so tiresome and i have snapped at him a few times. This then leaves me feeling thoroughly guilty afterwards but I'm only human. Its all part of him becoming independent i know but that doesn't make it any easier for either of us.
I have to say its far easier looking after someone elses children!

Did your little one go through the terrible 2's? How did you deal with the tantrums?

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A yummy mummy win

 A couple of weeks ago i was incredibly lucky and won a Pink Lining Yummy Mummy bag. These bags are so gorgeous!! 
When it arrived i couldn't believe that they had chosen the perfect print for me, it even matches our bedding!
 The famous pink lining, lots of pockets, change mat and wet bag.
Rather then use it right away i've put it to one side and I'm saving its first use to take babies bits into hospital. 
Thank you Pink Lining!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday

 As i didn't take part last week i've popped 2 outfits up this week.

First up is Seb supporting Team GB on Sunday, This is a supermarket chic outfit and probably cost about £10 all together, bargain.

White long sleeved vest-George at Asda, Union Jack tee-Tesco, Indigo skinnies- George at Asda
 Sebs band tee collection is ever increasing and one of his newest is this Ramones tee. I love that it has the writing on the back. 

We've been taking advantage of the ocassional sunny weather and these photos were taken on a walk around the Secret Garden in our local park.
 Ramones tee-H&M, Denim shorts-Boden, Pumps-Primark
Do you have a trendy toddler? Link up withVery Busy Mama.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

My pregnant body. The good, the bad and the ugly

Pregnancy can take a huge toll on your body. Some people embrace everything, some moan about everything. For me its easily split into the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good
  • After a spotty period at the start of my pregnancy my skin is now lovely and clear even though i don't look after it as well as i should. My hair is also looking shiny and my nails are super strong.
  • My bump is big and round, i love it and i don't mind people having a grope, i also love seeing hands/feet poking out of it.

 The bad
  • My huge boobs are even bigger which is a pain for bra finding and also because they are really heavy. I already have milk and i'm sure i can smell it, though i'm not sure if i'm just being sensitive!
  • The sickness is still here, though i won't go on about it too much as you all already know about it!
  • Heartburn, ouchy!
  • I have swelling in my fingers which means i can't wear my engagement ring and also means i need to get a cheap wedding ring for our ceremony so that i can replace it once the swelling has gone down. 
  • I'm more sweaty!! 
  • I've not been too bad with aches and pains yet though i still have a way to go, i've had back and bump ache when i've overdone it but a good rest and a warm bath usually helps to ease it. 

The ugly

Theres only one thing that i can post under this. Stretchmarks!! 
My first pregnancy resulted in really severe stretchmarks over my whole stomach area, from a couple of inches under my boobs down to where my c section scar is and they go right round to my sides. This is despite using various lotions and potiions which are supposed to help. They had just started fading away a bit when i found out that i was pregnant again. 
I already have new ones appearing on my stomach and this time i have some on my boobs too which is a bit upsetting and i'm sure more will arrive as i near the end of pregnancy.
People say you should be proud of them and i do accept them and appreaciate what my body has done but at the same time they do affect my confidence and i don't think i'll learn to love them.I certainly won't be wearing a bikini anytime soon.

How has/did pregnancy take its toll on your body?

Friday, 10 August 2012

Foodie Friday: American style pancakes

I've been slacking a little this week with blogging. Theres been lots going on, we have been crazily sorting things for our wedding(7 weeks to go) and still have loads to do for that and preparing for baby number 2.

Anyway last week i finally found the perfect recipe for American style pancakes, i made them for a family breakfast and they are lush!
4.5 oz plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt(i used a bit less in mine)
2 tbsp caster sugar
130ml milk
1 egg, beaten
2 tbsp melted butter
olive oil for cooking

Mix the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar in a bowl. In a seperate jug whisk the milk and egg and then the butter. Mix the liquid into the flour bowl and beat with a fork until you have a nice smooth batter any lumps should dissapear. Leave to stand for several minutes.
Heat some oil in a non stick frying pan over a medium head and then add a ladle of batter, it should be thick. Wait until the top begins to bubble and flip it over and cook until both sides are golden and the pancake has risen. Repeat until the batter is done.
You can keep them warm in the oven but we ate them as they came out of the pan :)

Seb had stewed blueberries with his and we had Nutella with ours. 
Next time i fancy bacon and syrup.

 These are well worth making!

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