Monday, 20 August 2012

29 week midwife appointment

Friday saw me having my 29 week midwife appointment.
I had a stand in midwife today and she was really lovely, i told her how i wasn't happy with the consultant appointment that i'd had and she was really good.
 Baby boy is measuring 31 weeks and has a lovely strong heartbeat. I measured ahead with Seb too, i think as he was long when he was born he could only grow outwards so am thinking the same may be true with this one.
I had my bloods taken last week at the same time as having my GTT test and all the results are fine which is a relief. 
However my blood pressure is up and there was protein in my urine sample so i've been told to watch out for the signs of pre-eclampsia and head to hospital if i show any, i have to say this left me feeling a bit stressed out though the midwife said if i didn't have it last time then i was unlikely to develop it this time around. 
She was also the first medical person to actually listen to me about my sickness, i had been throwing up before my appointment and told her exactly how i end up feeling and she thinks its time i get given some anti sickness drugs and so i'm off to the doctors this week(when i can get an appointnment!). Hurrah!

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