Thursday, 2 August 2012

How much do you spend on your childs wardrobe?

I was quite amused to see an article from the Daily Mail this week professing shock that 94% of mums spend more on their child's wardrobe than on their own and almost half feel guilty spending money on clothes for themselves.

This reason i am amused by this is the surprise that is shown at this in the wording of the article. To be honest it doesn't surprise me at all, i think its always been the case that a mum would go without in order for their child/ren to have nice things. It certainly has been in my life, my mum would always rather i had something lovely then herself, we regularly went clothes shopping for me and i am the same with Seb, its something women have always done and i think its pretty instinctual, you want your child to have the best you can give them whatever your budget may be, it could be it a £5 top from Matalan or a pair of designer jeans, if you want it for your child, most people will go without(if necessary) in order to get it.  It was happening well before the dawn of the 'celebrity baby'.
Clearly some people will go OTT copying every fad or getting themselves into debt and i don't think that's healthy for anyone but for your average mum(or dad) who know where to draw the line i can't see the harm in indulging.

When you look at the figures in the article and work it out it seems a bit of a fuss over nothing

Over a third (34 per cent) of mums were found to spend between £200-400 on their child per year, with a quarter (25 per cent) spending between £400-600. 

This means that 34% spend around £20-£30 a month on clothes for their child, that's not really that much, it would maybe get a couple of tops and a pair of jeans or a couple of dresses in a high street store, i don't think that's particularly excessive. £400 a year works out at £33.33 a month, even spending £600 a year would mean a monthly spend of £50, to some may seem alot but if you really think about it if you are an average earning family,  its not that much.

I'll happily hold my hands up and admit i am guilty of spending on Sebs clothes.I'd probably fall inbeween the two category's of mums if i sat and averaged it out, sometimes i would spend less in one month and perhaps more the next month if he needs new shoes or a coat but most importantly i only buy what i can afford too.  I love seeing him beautifully dressed and looking funky and i love him wearing things that are a bit quirky or not what you'll see every other toddler in when you go to soft play. Obviously at the moment Seb couldn't care less what he wears as long as he is comfy which is also my main priority. Personally i couldn't care less what a celebrity child is wearing and certainly don't seek to copy their look, i dress Seb in things i like, the same way i dress myself. It would be odd if i went out dressed nicely and didn't dress my child in the same way surely?

Essentially the article is a little bit daft to me (i shouldn't have expected much more), they don't even take into account that children grow and therefore need new things regularly as well as needing things for different seasons. 
So how much spend on your child's clothes? Does the research surprise you? 

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