Thursday, 16 August 2012

I think the terrible twos have landed

Seb is 20 months now and over the last week or so his tantrums have become epic.

Like most toddlers he has always had his moments but they have now really stepped up a gear. I think the terrible twos may have arrived.
Everytime i say no or stop him from doing something the wailing starts along with the kicking, hitting and throwing. He is also trying to do things that he can't quite manage like dressing himself and gets so frustrated with himself that it triggers a meltdown and woe betide if you try to help him out.

From a mums point of view its hard work. I know all the 'right' things to do from my childcare training and 99% of the time i do it, explain why he can't pull the wire/ touch the oven/ put the megabloks in the washing machine and then move him away from the situation or distract him with something else but i have to say its so tiresome and i have snapped at him a few times. This then leaves me feeling thoroughly guilty afterwards but I'm only human. Its all part of him becoming independent i know but that doesn't make it any easier for either of us.
I have to say its far easier looking after someone elses children!

Did your little one go through the terrible 2's? How did you deal with the tantrums?

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