Sunday, 12 August 2012

My pregnant body. The good, the bad and the ugly

Pregnancy can take a huge toll on your body. Some people embrace everything, some moan about everything. For me its easily split into the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good
  • After a spotty period at the start of my pregnancy my skin is now lovely and clear even though i don't look after it as well as i should. My hair is also looking shiny and my nails are super strong.
  • My bump is big and round, i love it and i don't mind people having a grope, i also love seeing hands/feet poking out of it.

 The bad
  • My huge boobs are even bigger which is a pain for bra finding and also because they are really heavy. I already have milk and i'm sure i can smell it, though i'm not sure if i'm just being sensitive!
  • The sickness is still here, though i won't go on about it too much as you all already know about it!
  • Heartburn, ouchy!
  • I have swelling in my fingers which means i can't wear my engagement ring and also means i need to get a cheap wedding ring for our ceremony so that i can replace it once the swelling has gone down. 
  • I'm more sweaty!! 
  • I've not been too bad with aches and pains yet though i still have a way to go, i've had back and bump ache when i've overdone it but a good rest and a warm bath usually helps to ease it. 

The ugly

Theres only one thing that i can post under this. Stretchmarks!! 
My first pregnancy resulted in really severe stretchmarks over my whole stomach area, from a couple of inches under my boobs down to where my c section scar is and they go right round to my sides. This is despite using various lotions and potiions which are supposed to help. They had just started fading away a bit when i found out that i was pregnant again. 
I already have new ones appearing on my stomach and this time i have some on my boobs too which is a bit upsetting and i'm sure more will arrive as i near the end of pregnancy.
People say you should be proud of them and i do accept them and appreaciate what my body has done but at the same time they do affect my confidence and i don't think i'll learn to love them.I certainly won't be wearing a bikini anytime soon.

How has/did pregnancy take its toll on your body?

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