Sunday, 26 August 2012

Something old, something new

I haven't posted much about our upcoming wedding as that's not really the focus of this blog but now its merely a month away i thought I'd do a little post. 

When we got engaged last year we decided to get wedding planning right away rather then waiting years to do it. We didn't want a big fancy wedding so set a small budget to fit in with what we wanted, set the date of 28th September 2012  and started looking for venues. 

Fast forward several months and i found out i was pregnant. I have to say one of my first thoughts on finding out was that i wouldn't be able to wear my beautiful wedding dress, and even now i still haven't been able to bring myself to sell it! I'll be 8 months pregnant when we get married and i wouldn't recommend it, i won't be wearing a proper wedding dress and I'm kind of dreading the photos when i don't feel at my most attractive. However at least i haven't been on any punishing diets in the run up to the wedding!

 At the moment i keep veering between excitement and feeling like a big ball of stress. We've done really well and have managed to arrange the whole wedding on a relatively(compared to average) small budget of around £3000. Originally i just wanted a small ceremony and to just go for a lovely meal with close friends and family afterwards, instead we're having the small ceremony but then being joined by more people for a larger reception.

Obviously i don't want to give too much away about our big day but i will say that i am very much looking forward to wearing my beautiful shoes, riding in a lovely car, eating from our candy buffet and of course becoming a Mrs although we still haven't settled on if i will take Phil's name or double barrel which is what we did with Seb's name.


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