Sunday, 9 September 2012

32 week midwife appointment

On Friday i had a 32 week appointment with the midwife. 
I've been waiting on this appointment a little anxiously after having high blood pressure and protein in my urine at my last appointment.
This time my urine was clear but my blood pressure is up even higher!
He is feeling quite big and still measuring 2 weeks ahead, the midwife was asking if Seb was big when he was born and while he wasn't huge at 8lb 4, he was long. 
We briefly discussed a birth plan and feeding though not in much detail as really it wasn't that long ago that i had Seb and she seemed happy that i'm aiming to breastfeed. 

She also confirmed unofficially(as they aren't meant to really check just yet) that he is breech which is what i already suspected. He has plenty of time to move obviously but i can't help thinking at least if he did stay that way then the decision of ELCS or VBAC would be taken out of my hands.

She's asked me to go back in 2 weeks to check on my blood pressure, so hopefully it will have gone down a little by then.

It feels like i'm on the home straight now.

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