Friday, 21 September 2012

34 week update and appointment

Today i am 34+1!
I had an extra midwife appointment this morning to check my blood pressure which i'm pleased to report has gone right down. I popped onto the couch to be measured and bump is measuring a whopping 40 weeks, the whole time its been 2 weeks ahead so its a big jump. My midwife didn't seen overly worried, i am seeing a consultant in 2 weeks anyway so she said if they are concerned they may scan me then. I'm trying not to worry over it as theres not much i can do really!

I will admit that this week has been pretty hard. Seb has been sick and teething and yesterday he screamed from when he got up til he had his nap at lunch and then in the evening too.  I'm exhausted as my heartburn has really stepped up and so i'm sleeping terribly which leads to be being a bit snappy which i hate. My bump has been really itchy this week and i've noticed a few new stretchmarks appearing. 
I had my hair cut this week for the first time in ages, its gone from nearly waist length to a couple of inches below my shoulders and having that done made me feel so much better, i'm going to dye it this weekend too. 
Things are pretty much sorted for the wedding which means as each day goes by i can feel stress lifting off of me. This time next week i'll be getting ready for our wedding!

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