Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Activity: Rainbow Rice

This is possibly my favourite sensory activity i've ever done with Seb. Though it does require a little bit of prep, its well worth it. It's not a new idea but fun all the same!!
 Rice is fab for sensory play but lets be honest plain white rice is a bit dull, so why not make it rainbow rice instead :)
 All you need is a bag of white rice(i used 1kg), various food colourings, zip lock food bags and some napkins. 
Add some uncooked rice to each zip lock bag, then add a few drops of  food colouring to each one. Shake the bag and give the rice a massage until the food colouring has dyed the rice and then empty onto a napkin and leave to dry. I left mine overnight which worked really well. You can also dry it in the oven on greaseproof paper on a low heat though be careful not to leave it for too long!

 I popped this into one side of Seb's sand and water table and filled the other side with spades and containers and he spent ages digging, filling up and pouring. It also feels lovely running through your hands.  We did this inside as it wasn't very nice but its the perfect outside activity really.
 Once you've done, the rice can be kept in an airtight container to be used another day which is always handy for those days where boredom sets in. We actually spent another hour playing with ours today when we came home from a walk.
You can even use the leftover rice to make pictures with glue!

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