Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hospital bag. Done!

I am so happy that my hospital bag is finally packed, it shouldn't be needed for a while yet but i wanted it done and ticked off my list. Last time even though i ended up staying in hospital from Tuesday morning until Thursday night, i had lots of bits that i never used so i'm leaving those out this time.
I'm also taking 2 seperate bags this time, one with my bits in and one with bumps things.

 The bag is an overnight bag from Primark, lots of room inside for my bits.
Inside the bag we have
  • Nightie for labour/section- This is a cheap black one from Primark with buttons at the top so baby can go straight onto my chest. Dark is good to hide stains! 
  • PJ bottoms, nursing top and bra- The bottoms are dark to again hide any leaks/stains, a cheap nursing top from Matalan for ease in hospital and a nursing bra from good old M&S.
  • Pack of massive pants- I got some cheap black full briefs from Matalan that can be chucked away after use. 
  • Maternity pads- I'm taking in a pack of 10, i have loads more at home that Phil can bring if i need them. 
  • Breast pads- self explanitory!
  • Slippers- Cheapy Primark ones to keep my tootsies warm. 
  • Black bath sheet and flannel- Black again so not to show blood stains. Someone advised me to do this with Seb and it was great advice for me as even though i had a section i bled quite heavily after. 
  • Toiletries-Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, toothpaste and brush, deodrant, face wipes and moisturiser, Lansinoh, hairbrush and bands.
  • Book- an odd one maybe, but Seb slept alot while we were in hospital and when visitors are gone, its pretty boring in there.
I still need to add make up(i'm going to do a seperate post on this), going home clothes, my notes and birth plan, phone charger, camera and some snacks both for labour and incase i need to stay in.
  Bumps bag is the Pink Lining changing bag that i won not long ago.

Inside the bag we have...
  • Nappies- i'm taking 10, as last time we didn't end up using any of our own. Again i have loads at home, so Phil can bring some up.I'm using Huggies at first as they have the cord cut out.
  • Huggies cotton soft wipes- these are easier then cotton wool without the harshness of baby wipes.
  • Baby wipes-i'm bringing a pack along for any spills or leaks. 
  • White sleepsuits x 2
  • White short sleeved vests x 3
  • Coming home outfit-vest,sleepsuit, socks and hat
  • Muslins-useful for everything!
  • Blanket- supersoft and lovely for the ward and the journey home
  • Snowsuit- we are reusing Seb's i can't wait to see it on another baby! 
Don't forget the carseat :)

Please tell me if i have forgotton anything? It's quite likely that i have!

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