Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New shoes for mama

 I'm no longer buying pregnant clothes as i'm so near the end so instead i'm satisying my shopping urge by buying accessories. 
Technically i needed some shoes to wear on my wedding day once my Lady Dragon's hurt my feet and i think these sparkly beauties from Office fit the bill nicely. I have a love affair with glitter shoes and i love the slipper style that is everywhere at the moment. 
The only annoying thing is i saw some pretty much identical in Primark afterwards(1/4 of the price!) but they were far more gold whereas these are neither gold or silver and will last far longer. They'll be so cute over Christmas with opaques and a dress.
I also picked up these nude and black flats from H&M as i was in desperate need for some. 

Now all i need is some new leopard pumps, my current ones are dying :)

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