Thursday, 25 October 2012

39 weeks, the big drop!

39 weeks dropped
Here we are at 39 weeks, and my bump has most definately dropped. We went shopping on Tuesday and i had so many people comment to be on how i looked ready to burst! I'm finding it uncomfortable to walk around now and we had to stop off for an extra long lunch. I've had loads of Braxton Hicks, some that have really taken my breath away but i think baby boy is just enjoying teasing me.

My blood pressure is still high, it keeps going up and down where the bottom number is from the late 80's right up to being in the 100's and i'm still headachey and swollen. Today my chest has been feeling really tight like someone is squeezing me, its not painful but uncomfortable so i'm going to see how i feel later after a lie down.

Phil and I are both eager to meet baby now, though i am getting nervous about how Seb will be as he is really getting into the swing of tantrums at the moment and has taken to hurling things across the room. I think it is partly because he knows something is going on, especially with the hospital trips in this last week,. I worry that he is going to upset by the new arrival and that we've been selfish bringing another baby into his happy little life. I am probably being daft really but if i wasn't worrying about this it would be something else! 

I have a midwife appointment tomorrow and then on Monday a consultant appointment to discuss induction. Ideally i want to go naturally of course but i am interested to see when they would be willing to induce me. 

 Updated! I've had my midwife appointment today which lasted 5 minutes. I actually had to ask her to feel my bump, which she did and then announced that baby might be breech. I asked if i would be sent for a scan and she said no they would deal with it at the consultants on Monday, i tried to explain that Seb was an undiagnosed breech and this is why i ended up having the EMCS while asleep and quite frankly she left me feeling scared and upset. She didn't even want me to book a 40 week appointment so not sure what i'm meant to do if i am still pregnant next week? 

 I rang the hospital when i got home who won't see me as even if he is breech they won't do anything  i appreaciate that they can't book me in for a section or anything at the weekend but at this stage of pregnancy surely it would be useful for them to know that he is breech as i could go into labour at any time. I ended up telling the midwife that i was speaking too that they were doing my blood pressure no favours at all!!

I am now worried about going into labour over the weekend and ending up in the same position as last time. The midwife may well be wrong and he could be head down but it's something thats been playing on my mind anyway especially as she booked me into the wrong hospital so i have to go back to a place where i was very unhappy with the care i had last time. 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Review: Maternicare Pre and Post Natal Nourishing Cream

We all know how important it is to look after our skin during pregnancy. On average a womans skin stretches an extra 2 square feet during the 9 months of pregnancy and it then has to shrink back down again once baby arrives.
At 38 weeks my skin is pretty much stretched to the max, and i have blogged before about my stretchmarks and the itching on my bump as it has grown.
Recently i have been using a new product on my bump. Maternicare Pre and Post Natal Nourishing Cream. 
This cream is 'a blend of rich plant oils and essential vitamins developed especially to nourish and care for your skin as your bump grows, and then later support your body as it recovers. The gentle, hypoallergenic formula is packed full of pro-vitamin B5, almond, avocado and grape seed oils, as well as vitamin E and soothing calendula.'

I've been using the cream on my bump daily during the later stage of my pregnancy and it has helped to relieve the itching and keep my skin supple. My stretchmarks were already in place when i started using the cream so i wasn't expecting them to magically dissapear but the cream helps to keep my skin smooth.
The cream itself is non greasy and easily abosrbed and i really like how it smells, its not too overpowering which is important to me as some scents have a habit of setting of my sickness.
I am looking forward to contuing to use this product after pregnancy, to see how the cream will help my post pregnancy tummy and also the effect that it has on my stretchmarks.

Matericare Cream is available to buy from Forum Health at £14.99 for 200ml. 

***I was sent this this cream to review, but all opinions are my own***

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The one with the birth plan

With Seb i didn't write a birth plan, i didn't know how i would react to labour and so i was happy to just go with it. This worked well when i was in labour but afterwards because of having the general anaesthetic i wasn't able to voice any of my wishes.
This time around my midwife suggested having some things written down, not a birth plan as such as i know things can change, just things i would like to happen if i can't voice them for any reason. 

Birth partner
  • My husband Phil, who i would like to be with my throughout the labour and birth. My mum Denise may also be present during labour.

Labour and birth
  • I am aiming for a vaginal birth with minimum intervention.
  • I would like to be free to move around as much as possible, though i am aware that i will be monitored regularly due to having had a previous c-section.  I would like to avoid being laid on a bed for the whole labour and birth.
  • Once baby is born i would like him to be delivered onto me if possible so i can have skin to skin contact right away and to try to initiate breastfeeding. I am not worried about him being cleaned first.
  • I would also like for the clamping of the cord to be delayed if possible. Phil would like to cut the cord once the time comes.
  • I am happy to have students in during any point. 
  • I would like the baby to have the Vitamin K injection once born.
  • I would like to have the injection to help delivery of the placenta.

Pain relief
  • I have no set plans for pain relief, I'd like to see how i feel as labour progresses.

  • If i have a Cesarean section, i would like the baby to be given to Phil as soon as possible.
  • If i have a Cesarean under general anaesthetic i would like the baby to be placed on to my chest as soon as possible for skin to skin contact and to help initiate breastfeeding. 

 Did you have a birth plan? Did it go how you wanted it too?
 If you can think of anything i have missed off please let me know!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Hitting 38 weeks with a little bit of drama

Yesterday i had a hospital appointment to monitor my blood pressure. Off i went thinking it would be fine(as it was last week) and i'd be back home in my pj's in no time. 
I got onto the bed, got measured and she took my blood pressure.... 139/96, not good. Then they tested my urine sample...and found protein. She put the baby on a monitor waited 30 mins and read my blood pressure again...129/94, still not good. Again she left it another 30 minutes and did a final reading which was 141/96. 
So it clearly wasn't going down. The midwife called a registrar down who said right, we are going to take your bloods and when the results come back we may induce you today.  Cue me getting upset and petrified. They let me home for a bit so i could sort someone to have Seb and collect the hospital bags oh and Phil!
I went through the hospital bags to check it was all there, worried that we didn't have a birth plan written up or even a name, kissed Seb goodbye and shaved my legs just in case lol. 

When we got back to the hospital, they said my blood results were back and thankfully were normal, they took my blood pressure again and it was still sky high at 137/95. They decided to leave baby where he is for now but i have a long list of appointments now both with my community midwife and at the hospital to keep an eye on things. 

I was pleased to be sent home again but am now more stressed then ever! 
I am meant to be having this baby at a different hospital which is a little further away after having a bad experience with Seb during birth and poor aftercare at my local hospital, it was my first concern on finding out about my pregnancy and my midwife assured me this was fine. However today i was told that my midwife has misinformed me and as my appointments had all been at my local hospital the baby would need to be born there as the other hospital wouldn't have any information about me. I am really quite cross about this but am hoping it can either be resolved or if i do get to have a straightforward vbac that i will be home within a few hours. Trying to focus on the positive here!

I was due to see my midwife today but when i woke up with swollen hands, ankles and face along with a headache,  i phoned the hospital like i had been told, they told me to wait to see my midwife which i did. My blood pressure was still up, reaching the dizzying heights of 140/100, so she called the hospital and booked me in to see them this afternoon.

Off we went to the day unit again where there was protein in my urine, my blood pressure stayed high and my heartrate was very high leading them to do an ECG on me. Despite this plus me feeling unwell and swollen, we were sent home again and told to come back on Sunday or before if i was feeling unwell(after i had just told them i was already feeling unwell?!!).

 So here i am at home on a Friday night, feeling worse then ever, i'm still swollen and my headache is worse despite having a sleep but i'm not sure if thats down to stress.  Phil is at work and Seb has gone to stay at Phil's parents for the night. I'm hoping that tomorrow i either feel better or if not i can go back to the hospital and have someone listen to me.

Sorry for the rambly post, tonight blogging is my therapy!

UPDATE: Thank you for the lovely comments on this post.
After a good nights rest i am feeling far less stressed. Still headachey and swollen. The plan for now is to stay at home and go to the hospital tomorrow as arranged. I'm eagerly writing my birth plan up just in case!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Halloween fun with toddlers: part 2

So here is part 2 of the Halloween fun we've been having. 

Spidery Jelly
Basically lime jelly with some plastic spiders from the pound shop set into it. Then popped into the sand and water table with a spoon and fork to help Seb get to the spiders inside. 
Seb had great fun working his way through the jelly and getting the spiders out.

Spooky prints
A really simple one now. Cut a spooky face into a potato and use it with some orange paint to make prints that look like pumpkins. We did a face and a pitchfork.
I also got a mini pumpkin, chopped it in half, scooped out the seeds and used that to do some printing too.
Seb is really into printing at the moment so really enjoyed this one.

 So there you have it, 4 fun Halloween crafty things to do with toddlers.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Halloween fun with toddlers: part 1

Halloween is creeeeeping up on us, theres only 2 weeks to go! 
 I love Halloween but Seb is still too young to really enjoy it, even so we have been doing some fun Halloweeny crafts in the last couple of weeks as i wanted them done before baby arrives,  so today and tomorrow i'm blogging about them. 

Ant-y playdough
Eeeeek play dough with ants in!!
This is just a basic homemade playdough(recipe here) made with purple food colouring. Once it was cooled i kneaded some uncooked rice in that i had dyed black and dried in the oven. As well as looking like there were ants in the dough, it is a great sensory experience as it gives the dough a whole new texture.
 We poked, cut out shapes and 'made cakes' with our dough.
 Slimy spaghetti
 All you need for this is a pack of cheap spaghetti cooked, cooled and spilt into two bowls, some oil and orange and black food colouring. Simply pop a few drops of oil and food colourig into each bowl and stir through and voila you end up with super slippy worm like spaghetti.
I popped into a large plastic bowl with some of Seb's baby cutlery and let him play with it. He mainly used his spoons and forks to lift it but did delve his hands in a few times too hence the overflow onto his tray!

 Check back tomorrow for some more spook ideas :)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday: Tights for boys

We've been converted to the world of boys tights. I have seen people mention Slugs N Snails tights for boys but over the summer didn't pay too much attention to them. Now the weather has turned i decided to take a look and boy am i pleased that i did!

We started by ordering just one pair for Seb(and another for the bump) to see what we thought of them. When they arrived it was love at first sight, they were straight on and off we went to the pub for lunch getting some compliments on his tights from some elderly ladies on the way so of course i ordered another pair right away.

Here is Seb modelling his boy tights for going out and playing at home

 Duffle coat-Zara, Tights- Slugs N Snails, Converse-Schuh
Pirate tee-Boden, tights-Slugs N Snails

  I wish i had known about these last winter as Seb used to refuse to keep anything on his feet and they would have been perfect.
I'm now eagerly awaiting the new Autumn and Winter 2012 stock to be available and i also can't wait for bump to wear his too, they will be great over cloth nappies.

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Monday, 15 October 2012

Leaf printing

 As i mentioned last week we did some Autumn leaf printing with the leaves we collected in our local park.
I used some Autumnal coloured paints and paper and let Seb choose which leaves to use with the paints.
As you can see the prints aren't perfect prints of the leaves lol but to be honest he is only 1 and at least it shows that i didn't do them for him!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Get this baby out of me!!

This baby has been teasing me over the last few days with pains stopping and starting, that restless feeling and awful backache so i am well and truly ready for him to come.
I've never been a big believer in all of the tales of how to get things moving, i tend to think that baby will come when he or she is ready,  but i thought it would be fun to try some of the methods i have read about over the next few weeks while i am waiting for the boy to make an appearance. 

So far i have tried

Everyone has heard of this one, a curry to get things going.
Raspberry Leaf Tea
I'm not entirely sure what this actually does, i keep reading conflicting things but i actually like the taste so will keep drinking this. 
Lush Sex Bomb bath ballistic
The clary sage oil in this is meant to get things going, While it was lovely to have a relaxing bath with this in, the smell is not to my taste and quite overpowering.

The others on my list to try are
Long walks- i need some energy for this!
Sex- if i have too!
Pineapple-i'm sure it needs to be like 10 pineapples or something?

Did you try any of the 'tricks' to get baby moving? Did they work? Any other suggestions for me?

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Autumn sensory

On Sunday we went to our local park to feed the ducks and collect some leaves for some leaf printing(i have another post lined up with this in). We ended up with quite alot of leaves so i turned Seb's sand and water table into a bit of an Autumn sensory box. 
I dyed some rice red, mustard and orange and put into one side along with some of the leaves. In the other side i added some plastic pick and mix scoops, a spoon for stirring and a bowl for any filling and pouring. 
I left the table out but with the lid on so that Seb could disover it for himself. 

There was lots of scooping, pouring, filling the bowl, covering the leaves in rice and general fun. 
 This will stay in his tray for a while for him to play with as he really gets alot of enjoyment from these kinds of activities.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


 Milk is a huge deal in our household, we get through ALOT each week so we were very excited to receive some Cravendale Epic Straws in the post to enable us to become milk magicians by creating our own wacky straws and having a good slurp
We spent some time getting creative and here are the results!

Phil and I set ours up to drink from a giant wine glass full of milk!
 For Seb we kept it simple!
   To become a milk magician and get your hands on some Epic Straws of your own, simply collect 10 codes from their promotional bottles.
You can find out more information here!

***Cravendale and Britmums sent us two sets of Epic Straw sets to get inventive with. The fun and inventions in these photos are our own!***

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday: Down on the farm

Some of you will have seen my tweets last week about our fab day out at Cannon Hall Farm. 
I've been wanting to take Seb to a proper farm for a while now as he is at the age where he is starting to appreciate these things and he loved it. 

It was great how close Seb could get to the animals and he was so excited running from one thing to the next
saying 'whats that, whats that, whats that'

 On to the clothes...
Striped tee-Boden, Jeans-Primark, Wellies-Jojo Maman Bebe
Grey coat-George, our bargain coat for getting messy in!

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