Thursday, 25 October 2012

39 weeks, the big drop!

39 weeks dropped
Here we are at 39 weeks, and my bump has most definately dropped. We went shopping on Tuesday and i had so many people comment to be on how i looked ready to burst! I'm finding it uncomfortable to walk around now and we had to stop off for an extra long lunch. I've had loads of Braxton Hicks, some that have really taken my breath away but i think baby boy is just enjoying teasing me.

My blood pressure is still high, it keeps going up and down where the bottom number is from the late 80's right up to being in the 100's and i'm still headachey and swollen. Today my chest has been feeling really tight like someone is squeezing me, its not painful but uncomfortable so i'm going to see how i feel later after a lie down.

Phil and I are both eager to meet baby now, though i am getting nervous about how Seb will be as he is really getting into the swing of tantrums at the moment and has taken to hurling things across the room. I think it is partly because he knows something is going on, especially with the hospital trips in this last week,. I worry that he is going to upset by the new arrival and that we've been selfish bringing another baby into his happy little life. I am probably being daft really but if i wasn't worrying about this it would be something else! 

I have a midwife appointment tomorrow and then on Monday a consultant appointment to discuss induction. Ideally i want to go naturally of course but i am interested to see when they would be willing to induce me. 

 Updated! I've had my midwife appointment today which lasted 5 minutes. I actually had to ask her to feel my bump, which she did and then announced that baby might be breech. I asked if i would be sent for a scan and she said no they would deal with it at the consultants on Monday, i tried to explain that Seb was an undiagnosed breech and this is why i ended up having the EMCS while asleep and quite frankly she left me feeling scared and upset. She didn't even want me to book a 40 week appointment so not sure what i'm meant to do if i am still pregnant next week? 

 I rang the hospital when i got home who won't see me as even if he is breech they won't do anything  i appreaciate that they can't book me in for a section or anything at the weekend but at this stage of pregnancy surely it would be useful for them to know that he is breech as i could go into labour at any time. I ended up telling the midwife that i was speaking too that they were doing my blood pressure no favours at all!!

I am now worried about going into labour over the weekend and ending up in the same position as last time. The midwife may well be wrong and he could be head down but it's something thats been playing on my mind anyway especially as she booked me into the wrong hospital so i have to go back to a place where i was very unhappy with the care i had last time. 

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