Sunday, 14 October 2012

Get this baby out of me!!

This baby has been teasing me over the last few days with pains stopping and starting, that restless feeling and awful backache so i am well and truly ready for him to come.
I've never been a big believer in all of the tales of how to get things moving, i tend to think that baby will come when he or she is ready,  but i thought it would be fun to try some of the methods i have read about over the next few weeks while i am waiting for the boy to make an appearance. 

So far i have tried

Everyone has heard of this one, a curry to get things going.
Raspberry Leaf Tea
I'm not entirely sure what this actually does, i keep reading conflicting things but i actually like the taste so will keep drinking this. 
Lush Sex Bomb bath ballistic
The clary sage oil in this is meant to get things going, While it was lovely to have a relaxing bath with this in, the smell is not to my taste and quite overpowering.

The others on my list to try are
Long walks- i need some energy for this!
Sex- if i have too!
Pineapple-i'm sure it needs to be like 10 pineapples or something?

Did you try any of the 'tricks' to get baby moving? Did they work? Any other suggestions for me?

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