Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Halloween fun with toddlers: part 1

Halloween is creeeeeping up on us, theres only 2 weeks to go! 
 I love Halloween but Seb is still too young to really enjoy it, even so we have been doing some fun Halloweeny crafts in the last couple of weeks as i wanted them done before baby arrives,  so today and tomorrow i'm blogging about them. 

Ant-y playdough
Eeeeek play dough with ants in!!
This is just a basic homemade playdough(recipe here) made with purple food colouring. Once it was cooled i kneaded some uncooked rice in that i had dyed black and dried in the oven. As well as looking like there were ants in the dough, it is a great sensory experience as it gives the dough a whole new texture.
 We poked, cut out shapes and 'made cakes' with our dough.
 Slimy spaghetti
 All you need for this is a pack of cheap spaghetti cooked, cooled and spilt into two bowls, some oil and orange and black food colouring. Simply pop a few drops of oil and food colourig into each bowl and stir through and voila you end up with super slippy worm like spaghetti.
I popped into a large plastic bowl with some of Seb's baby cutlery and let him play with it. He mainly used his spoons and forks to lift it but did delve his hands in a few times too hence the overflow onto his tray!

 Check back tomorrow for some more spook ideas :)

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