Thursday, 18 October 2012

Halloween fun with toddlers: part 2

So here is part 2 of the Halloween fun we've been having. 

Spidery Jelly
Basically lime jelly with some plastic spiders from the pound shop set into it. Then popped into the sand and water table with a spoon and fork to help Seb get to the spiders inside. 
Seb had great fun working his way through the jelly and getting the spiders out.

Spooky prints
A really simple one now. Cut a spooky face into a potato and use it with some orange paint to make prints that look like pumpkins. We did a face and a pitchfork.
I also got a mini pumpkin, chopped it in half, scooped out the seeds and used that to do some printing too.
Seb is really into printing at the moment so really enjoyed this one.

 So there you have it, 4 fun Halloween crafty things to do with toddlers.

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