Friday, 19 October 2012

Hitting 38 weeks with a little bit of drama

Yesterday i had a hospital appointment to monitor my blood pressure. Off i went thinking it would be fine(as it was last week) and i'd be back home in my pj's in no time. 
I got onto the bed, got measured and she took my blood pressure.... 139/96, not good. Then they tested my urine sample...and found protein. She put the baby on a monitor waited 30 mins and read my blood pressure again...129/94, still not good. Again she left it another 30 minutes and did a final reading which was 141/96. 
So it clearly wasn't going down. The midwife called a registrar down who said right, we are going to take your bloods and when the results come back we may induce you today.  Cue me getting upset and petrified. They let me home for a bit so i could sort someone to have Seb and collect the hospital bags oh and Phil!
I went through the hospital bags to check it was all there, worried that we didn't have a birth plan written up or even a name, kissed Seb goodbye and shaved my legs just in case lol. 

When we got back to the hospital, they said my blood results were back and thankfully were normal, they took my blood pressure again and it was still sky high at 137/95. They decided to leave baby where he is for now but i have a long list of appointments now both with my community midwife and at the hospital to keep an eye on things. 

I was pleased to be sent home again but am now more stressed then ever! 
I am meant to be having this baby at a different hospital which is a little further away after having a bad experience with Seb during birth and poor aftercare at my local hospital, it was my first concern on finding out about my pregnancy and my midwife assured me this was fine. However today i was told that my midwife has misinformed me and as my appointments had all been at my local hospital the baby would need to be born there as the other hospital wouldn't have any information about me. I am really quite cross about this but am hoping it can either be resolved or if i do get to have a straightforward vbac that i will be home within a few hours. Trying to focus on the positive here!

I was due to see my midwife today but when i woke up with swollen hands, ankles and face along with a headache,  i phoned the hospital like i had been told, they told me to wait to see my midwife which i did. My blood pressure was still up, reaching the dizzying heights of 140/100, so she called the hospital and booked me in to see them this afternoon.

Off we went to the day unit again where there was protein in my urine, my blood pressure stayed high and my heartrate was very high leading them to do an ECG on me. Despite this plus me feeling unwell and swollen, we were sent home again and told to come back on Sunday or before if i was feeling unwell(after i had just told them i was already feeling unwell?!!).

 So here i am at home on a Friday night, feeling worse then ever, i'm still swollen and my headache is worse despite having a sleep but i'm not sure if thats down to stress.  Phil is at work and Seb has gone to stay at Phil's parents for the night. I'm hoping that tomorrow i either feel better or if not i can go back to the hospital and have someone listen to me.

Sorry for the rambly post, tonight blogging is my therapy!

UPDATE: Thank you for the lovely comments on this post.
After a good nights rest i am feeling far less stressed. Still headachey and swollen. The plan for now is to stay at home and go to the hospital tomorrow as arranged. I'm eagerly writing my birth plan up just in case!

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