Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Review: Lush FUN

I first saw this product here on Lashes and Little Ones and put on my mental list of things to buy. 
Then last week i happened to be in Lush as i was getting bath bombs for my bridesmaids and one of the girls in the shop was chatting to Seb and gave him some FUN to play with(he promptly ate some) and it reminded me i meant to buy some, so i picked up the red version for us to try out. 

FUN is a brand new product from Lush that can be used in multiple ways. For Seb it's like play dough for bathtime you can mould and model it, you can use it as a bubble bath, you can use it to wash your body and hair in the bath or shower and it can even be used to handwash your clothes.

The red version contains Manderin and Orange oils and smells gorgeous. After playing with it for a while we crumbled a chunk into the bath, it made the bath a lovely colour and produced loads of bubbles. We jumped in and had fun making bubble beards and playing. The result? Yummy smelling mummy and boy. 

This was £5 for a generous sized bar and would be a fab stocking filler for little ones and adults alike. Whats even better in that 10p from each bar sold goes to charity.

Available online or instore now :)

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