Sunday, 21 October 2012

The one with the birth plan

With Seb i didn't write a birth plan, i didn't know how i would react to labour and so i was happy to just go with it. This worked well when i was in labour but afterwards because of having the general anaesthetic i wasn't able to voice any of my wishes.
This time around my midwife suggested having some things written down, not a birth plan as such as i know things can change, just things i would like to happen if i can't voice them for any reason. 

Birth partner
  • My husband Phil, who i would like to be with my throughout the labour and birth. My mum Denise may also be present during labour.

Labour and birth
  • I am aiming for a vaginal birth with minimum intervention.
  • I would like to be free to move around as much as possible, though i am aware that i will be monitored regularly due to having had a previous c-section.  I would like to avoid being laid on a bed for the whole labour and birth.
  • Once baby is born i would like him to be delivered onto me if possible so i can have skin to skin contact right away and to try to initiate breastfeeding. I am not worried about him being cleaned first.
  • I would also like for the clamping of the cord to be delayed if possible. Phil would like to cut the cord once the time comes.
  • I am happy to have students in during any point. 
  • I would like the baby to have the Vitamin K injection once born.
  • I would like to have the injection to help delivery of the placenta.

Pain relief
  • I have no set plans for pain relief, I'd like to see how i feel as labour progresses.

  • If i have a Cesarean section, i would like the baby to be given to Phil as soon as possible.
  • If i have a Cesarean under general anaesthetic i would like the baby to be placed on to my chest as soon as possible for skin to skin contact and to help initiate breastfeeding. 

 Did you have a birth plan? Did it go how you wanted it too?
 If you can think of anything i have missed off please let me know!

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