Monday, 8 October 2012

VBAC or ELCS the decision

 Today at 36 weeks and 4 days i had my second consultant appointment to decide if i wanted to try for a VBAC or go for an ELCS. 
Firstly i would like to say that i was so much happier with this appointment then the previous one(read here).

The consultant i saw this time was actually the same one who noticed that Seb was breech when i was in labour with him, which made me have a sense of trust in her right away. She had also pre read my notes before seeing me which meant we could have a proper conversation without her asking me questions i didn't know the answers too. 

She started the appointment by feeling the baby and measuring him. She measured him at 37 weeks, she said she thinks my midwife made it more because my uterus isn't as high up as they would expect it to be, which would also explain why my bump is so big as obviously there is less room. I also had a student in who had a feel too. She said she thought he was head down but would do a quick scan to reassure me and to double check his size, all was fine, baby is very much head down(3/5 engaged in fact!!) and she said he is fine sizewise and she would expect him to be about the same size Seb was and long like him too. He is definately a boy, he was showing us his bits and we had a good look at his scrotum(to show the student) as it was very clear!
She asked what i would ideally like which was a VBAC and said as far as she was concerned there wouldn't be any issue with that as long as the anaesthetist was happy. 
So then i had to go and chat with him, he was lovely and actually made me swoon! He looked through everything and said that as far as he was concerned there were no obvious reasons why i would need a general anaesthetic if i ended up with another emergency section which has been my main fear. Obviously he couldn't promise it, but there weren't any special reasons that i would need it which was good enough for me. 
This means i am officially aiming to have a VBAC!!! I am pretty excited by this and a little bit scared too.

The only fly in the ointment  is that on arrival at the hospital my blood pressure was sky high(something over 97) so they checked it again about an hour later and it was still high(something over 90) so i am now having to go back on Thursday to have it checked again and then twice a week. Also if i feel unwell i need to get myself to the hospital right away.

So this week i shall be mainly writing up a birth plan.

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