Alexander's (very long) birth story

Many of you will know that at the end of my pregnancy i had been back and forth to the hospital because of high blood pressure and protein in my urine. 
On Monday 29th, i had an appointment with my consultant, they took my blood pressure which had rocketed up higher then ever and said they were admitting me there and then. I couldn't go home to see Seb or get my things which really upset me as i hadn't kissed Seb goodbye when we left(luckily Phil managed to arrange to pop in with him for a few minutes). There were also concerns about baby being breech, as my midwife had mentioned and the hospital staff weren't sure either so i had to have a scan that evening which showed him to be head down. Because i was already over 39 weeks and they were concerned, i was given the choice of being induced or having a c-section.

 After discussing it with Phil we decided to go with the c-section as i was worried about the risk of my previous section scar rupturing with induction, especially as it had been very tender during my pregnancy. 
My stay in hospital wasn't particularly pleasant, while the staff were lovely, having my obs taken through the night, the heat and the sound of new babies crying, don't make for a relaxing atmosphere. I had to wait forever on the Tuesday to see a doctor who told me that i had to wait for my blood pressure to settle a bit before having the section, so i was put on some tablets to do just that and then had to wait. 
I had to be nil by mouth from Tuesday night, just in case i could have my section on Wednesday, but by Wednesday lunchtime i was starving, thirsty and losing patience as nobody could tell me if i would be having baby or not. 

Then all of a sudden a midwife appeared and said right, you can go up to delivery suite now. The next 30 minutes were spent in a bit of a rush, i had to call my mum(she wanted to be at the hospital as she was worried about me), filling in paperwork and changing into the most vile gown(why can't they be plain? why floral?) and then we were taken down to the theatre. 
The team there were lovely, really reassuring and kind, i was bloody petrified. I had to have a mix of epidural and spinal block which worked really quickly. I was laid on to the table, unfortunately my body decided to react by throwing up, i couldn't move as i was connected to loads of machines so it was all down the side of my face, glamorous! My blood pressure also decided that instead of being high it wanted to go dangerously low instead and i was nearly falling asleep on the table so Phil had to keep me talking. 
While that was going on, i could vaguely feel them messing around inside me, whoever said it feels like someone is washing up in your stomach got it spot on, that's exactly how it feels. All of a sudden i felt a big difference and said to Phil, 'he's out' and then we heard him cry. He arrived at 2.38pm with Rhianna playing in the background :) and with me in tears.

We got to see him for a few seconds before they took him to be cleaned and wrapped up and came back to give him to Phil to hold while i was being stitched up(by this point i had forgotten about that). We must have just stared at him for about 30 minutes and discussed what we were going to call him and how much he looked like Seb.
Birth story, new baby in theatre c section
Then it was time to go back up to the delivery suite where Alex was weighed and measured(7lb 13oz and 49cm) and i got to have some skin on skin time with him though it was unfortunately cut short as i started throwing up again plus i was having my blood pressure constantly monitored. At some point my mum came in too and she had a cuddle while i was given an anti sickness jab. 
  A short while later, Seb came to meet his brother, he had a good look and a poke but wasn't too bothered really and then Phil's parents popped in for a few minutes to have a cuddle. 

Then everyone went leaving just me, Phil and Alex to get to know each other a little bit. We stayed on the delivery suite until around 9.30pm and i was taken to the ward for the night. 

I had to stay in hospital until Friday which was frustrating and hard, i did have a cry because i missed Seb so much and because i was in alot of pain from the op, i was so glad when they let me go home to my own bed.

Although i was poorly before and during the birth i feel like i had a really positive birth experience this time around, it was totally different to what happened with Seb and I'm happy about that. 
The only part that makes me sad is that any future children will have to be c-section's too and if i did have another baby they would talk about sterilisation at that point as obviously your body can only handle so much. I've always wanted a big family so this is something i guess i will have to come to terms with.

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