Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Guest post: Things you forget about newborns

Hi, I'm Beth, aka Momma B and I blog over at Momma B & Babyboy about my wonderful family - my fiancĂ© Colin, big boy Daniel (who's two and half) and littlest boy Joshua (who's five months old already!) I've had this post sitting in the notes on my phone (I'm a list-a-holic!) for the last three months or so, but it seemed too late to post it after having Joshua, so when Emma had the beautiful Alex I thought it was the perfect occasion to share those things I'd forgotten about newborns - for all those Mamas-to-be out there! And an excuse to share some squishy newborn Joshua pictures too! Enjoy! 
How nothing else matters when your baby is asleep in your arms - washing, tidying, cleaning can all wait, they're only this tiny once!
How much breastfeeding hurts for the first few days. Between wonky latching techniques and after pains, I considered stopping. But only for about 0.375 seconds, it's worth everything. Untitled 
 How your heart grows to accommodate a new little love. While I was pregnant I had the ridiculous worry that I didn't have room in my heart for anyone else, but of course I was totally wrong! Untitled 
How their fingers and toes are SO small. Their little toenails are basically non-existent, and their fingers can barely wrap round one of yours! Untitled How their poop goes BRIGHT YELLOW. Don't panic. On the subject of poop, expect explosions. Daily. Untitled 
How skinny they are, little frog legs fresh out of the belly. All that extra soft extra skin, folding over their little limbs.
How hungry breastfeeding makes me. Seriously, even five months on I could eat the entire contents of my fridge right now, even after three solid meals and snacks! Untitled 
How their heads are so soft, and smell amazing. I wish I could bottle that. Especially after a wash, when their hair is extra fluffy and there's a faint smell of talc too. Untitled 
How boys pee, everywhere, as soon as their nappy is removed! Joshua peed in my face the first night, eww! Untitled 
How you can be so exhausted, but so blissfully happy all at once. Luckily both my boys are wonderful sleepers, but it's tough to adjust. I still can't help but smile when I pull Joshua into bed with me at 3am, for a night feed, precious time just the two of us! Congratulations on your two gorgeous boys Emma!! :)

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