Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Just my imagination

In this house we love to use our imagination, whether it be via small world play, making up songs or building with blocks. Seb is currently into making dens and spends alot of time under his table, using his chairs for doors. Imaginary play aids all areas of a childs development, as well as being great fun!

Seb and i were recently lucky enough to win a Ribena Play Box on twitter. I wasn't sure what to expect from it, but when a huge flat packed box arrived i was sadly excited and made Phil make it up right away. The box came with instructions to make it into a house or a car. We chose the house. It took Phil a while to build and then i decided to roughly paint it too.

As soon as Seb saw the house he was straight in, he got a collection of his books and took them inside too and spent most of the day in and out. As he still quite young, the box ended up being destroyed after a couple of days use but we had so much fun with it!
Thank you Ribena!!

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