Sunday, 25 November 2012

My first week alone with 2

Well as I'm writing this, you can rightly assume that we survived our first week with Phil back at work.
I'm not going to say it went perfectly but i will say it wasn't as bad as i had expected, I'm not rocking in the corner and i haven't turned to alcohol! 

The week was broken up nicely, as Seb went out on Tuesday afternoon with Phil's parents, then Phil had Wednesday off and on Saturday afternoon my mum took Seb out for an hour. I feel really lucky that we have lots of people around who want to spend time with our boys. I used to find it hard accepting help with Seb as i didn't really feel like i needed it , but since being poorly in pregnancy i have learnt to accept it and have come to think of it as a positive thing, Seb loves spending time with his grandparents and vice versa.  

I think we're doing OK so far, they both seem to be pretty happy!
 If you have any tips on making life easier with a newborn and toddler, let me know please!

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