Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Trendy Tuesday

After being MIA for a few weeks with being in hospital and having a newborn, i am back to joining in with Trendy Toddler Tuesday or as it is now known Trendy Tuesday.  As i've been missing, this week i've popped few different outfits on and as it is now for all ages, i've included Alex's outfit for today. 
This is from Sunday, a lazy day at home with visits from the grandparents.
I Rock tee-No Added Sugar, Skull print tights-Slugs n Snails
On Monday we went to get Alex registered and Seb re-registered, went to the pub for a drink and had a quick look in town.
Green Skinnies-Matalan, Nivarna tee-Zara, Long sleeved black top worn underneath-H&M, Socks-M&S
Today we've had our visit from the health visitor and been to daddy's work to be introduced to his colleagues. 
Never too small to rock onsie-H&M, Yellow starry socks-Primark
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