Friday, 30 November 2012

Turning Two

I have a two year old!! 
We decided to go with a low key birthday this year as Seb is still young enough to not really understand whats going on yet. we're are saving the expensive parties for when he is a bit older!
We actually ended up celebrating yesterday as Phil had the day off work so on Wednesday i baked the cake, wrapped up the last few presents and blew up some balloons. 
 Typically Seb was much more interested in the balloons then anything else, although once he discovered that the parcels had toys and books in he got more interested! 
The big present that we got him this year was an easel and, i have spent the last few months building up a box full of crafty things to go alongside it. He also ended up with loads of clothes, books and puzzles and a Mr Potato Head which i can't wait to play with. 
 After opening his presents we had a birthday breakfast of pancakes and bananas, then we got ready and went to a new soft play place and stayed for about 2 hours, which Seb loved, it was much better then the one we usually go to as he wasn't confined to a tiny 'baby' area, plus it has toys for young babies too so i think that we'll be going back again
Then we popped a shopping outlet place as it was pretty much next door, more for me then Seb but he didn't seem to mind too much.
 Then in the evening we had cake. Seb was so excited that we had to light the candle twice. He kept pointing and saying "wow,wow,wow". 

So as you can see it was a nice simple day but we all had a lovely time and i had two very tired boys.

This morning, Phil's parents popped over with yet more presents but apart from that it has been a quiet day playing with some of our new toys.

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