Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Two weeks

It's been two whole weeks since Alex made his entrance into the world and so far it has been a tiring, emotional and pretty fabulous time. He was registered on Monday so is now all official.

Alex is alot like Seb both in looks and also in temperament (so far).  He seems to be quite laid back and content, sleeps well and only really cries when he is hungry for his milk. When he is awake, he is very alert and loves looking at our faces.
Unfortunately he lost quite a big chunk of weight from birth going from 7lb 13 to just under 7lb and at 2 weeks old is still only back up to 7lb 6. so they are sending someone over next week to just check he is still gaining.
I was breastfeeding him but after alot of tears and discussions have made the decision to put him onto formula, this isn't purely because of his weight(although of course it does come into it) but i was finding things quite tough and feeling guilty for not being able to spend time with Seb, who wouldn't come near me for kisses or cuddles(causing more tears from me).
I knew it would be hard having 2 under 2 and that feeding would be a challenge especially after my previous experience with Seb and i had promised myself not to feel guilty this time if breastfeeding didn't work out for us and although i was a little upset about it, i also felt relief that i had made a decision and we are now happily using formula. I have to make my choices based on both of my children and Seb has been so much happier the last few days and we've been able to spend some time together again. 

After a shaky start where he just ignored him, Seb is getting more interested in Alex. He helps to change him, bounces him in his chair and does a fantastic imitation of a newborn cry. We've had a couple of occasions where he has come and tapped "ander" on the head but we're trying to not make a big deal of it and just praise him when he does nice things.
One of the things i am looking forward too over the next few months is seeing them develop a bond and become partners in crime.
 My emotions have been all over the place but seem to have settled a little now. I am tired from the night wakings as this time around there is no chance of a lie in or daytime naps due to having a lively toddler!
I have recovered well from the section and we have been out and about this week using the sling and I've been fine. 
My only worry on the horizon is Phil going back to work on Monday, being on my own all day with both boys will be interesting I'm sure!

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