Monday, 31 December 2012

Baby number 3?

I've never made a secret of the fact that i always wanted a brood of children. I'm from a big family and would love one of my own if finances would allow it.
However i have been advised to only have one more baby, as having already had 2 cesareans, they would automatically book me in for another and of course the more operations you have the more likely there are to be complications. They also suggested sterilisation as an option, although I'm really not keen on the idea of that.

So the big question is when would be the best time to have another? We have agreed that we do both want another child at some point but are unsure, if we should do it sooner or later. Going from 1 to 2 has gone relatively smoothly for us so far, in fact far better then i expected after hearing horror stories from people.  Would going from 2 to 3 go as well?

2012 a few photos

2012 has been a pretty special year for me; watching Seb grow, getting married at 8 months pregnant and of course having another baby. 

 How was your 2012?

Thursday, 27 December 2012

What we wore on boxing day

So i mentioned a few days back that i was going to start posting about fashion and beauty on here a bit more, i used to write a fashion blog and was going to restart on there but i think running two blogs plus looking after a baby and toddler wouldn't be practical time wise.

On boxing day we went to a local rugby game with Phil's parents and brother. They are huge rugby lovers and are involved with the local club but I'd never been to a game before, i think it is probably nice in the sunshine but on a cold December day it wasn't my cup of tea! 

Floral ballet wrap dress-ASOS, Leggings-New Look, Green cardi-H&M
 Birdcage necklace-Accessorise
 Models Own- Emerald City, very messily applied!
 Seb wore a fab new top from a company called Their Nibbs, i LOVE the quirky print on this.
 Alex kept it cool in a Benetton guitar jumper and burgundy trousers from Tesco.
What did you get upto on Boxing day?

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas at our house

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day, i'm looking forward to reading peoples blog posts.
 Our's was very quiet just the 4 of us although my parents popped in for a bit.

Both boys wore their Christmas jumpers with pride!
 Of course Alex slept for most of the day, but Seb was amazing, he was so excited by everything this year, Christmas really is much more fun with children around.
I was lucky enough to get some books, smellies(Soap and Glory and Lush, yay!) and a Cath Kidston apron among other things.
Seb loves his train track, we got him a basic one and will be adding to it as time goes on. 
In true Seb form his books and abacus were his favourites, he spent ages counting, my dad thinks he is going to be good at maths like me(i am a whizz at the numbers game on Countdown!)
Once he was in bed, we settled down with Downton, candles, snowman soup and chocolate biccies  :)

Monday, 24 December 2012

Saturday, 22 December 2012

What i'm wearing for Christmas

I do love getting dressed up at Christmas.
This year my dress needs to be practical enough for cooking, crawling around the floor, getting baby sick on and also it needs to look pretty too.
So what did i decide to wear....

An old faithful of course! 

I'm wearing a vintage dark green velvet dress with black tights and some tapestry heeled shoes from Office that Phil got me last Christmas. Also a red oversized heart necklace from ASOS.

I'm hoping to bring in more fashion and beauty posts on the blog in the new year so if i remember to take photos there may even be a post of me wearing my outfit. 

What will you be wearing?

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Review: Lush The Enchanter

This may be an odd way to start a post but recently i had the most amazing bath! Look at this picture and i'm sure you'll agree with me.
Anyone who knows me, knows that i love Lush, whenever i'm near a store i ALWAYS go in and buy a few bits. I placed an order a couple of weeks ago for some Christmas presents(my dad loves their soaps) and chucked a few bits in for myself. One of these bits was The Enchanter.
It doesn't look that exciting, just a normal bath ballistic but as soon as i put it into the bath this happened!
After the initial burst of orange, the bomb then started turning some water pink and created a bit of lather which gave an amazing marbled effect to my bath water as you can see from the first photo. 
Scentwise it is a lovely citrus-sy smell which would be the lime oil that it contains, the scent filled the bathroom and was really uplifting.

The only issue i had was once i had finished my bath, there was a slight orange ring around where the top of the water had been, but this did come off. 

These are £3.20 from the Lush wesbite. 

My festive playlist

I'm going to put my hand up and admit it. I have been listening to Christmas songs for weeks already. There is a digital station that plays nothing but Christmas songs(Smooth Christmas, I'm looking at you!) and my beautiful radio has been tuned in since the start of November. 
I don't know why, but i can't resist a Christmas tune.

Here are my 5 favourite Christmas songs

1.Merry Christmas Everybody. Slade.
Own up, who hasn't shouted 'IT'S CHRISTMASSSSSS!' at the top of their lungs at some point in their life? This song always put a big fat smile on my face. Yes Noddy, i am hanging up my stocking on the wall and hoping that the snow will start to fall!
Also a great song to sing after a few vodka and cokes!

2. All i want for Christmas. Mariah Carey.
An obvious choice maybe, but i can't resist singing along to this song. My birthday is December 20th, and this song was always played in clubs when i was out celebrating, so reminds me of some fab times. Also who doesn't love singing/screeching along with Mariah?!

3. We wish you a Merry Christmas
This song is special to me this year as it is the first Christmas song Seb has learnt, theres nothing cuter then hearing him join in singing Merry Missmass.

4. Driving home for Christmas. Chris Rea.
This song sums up so many peoples festive season. Driving home to family, looking forward to seeing their faces, and reflecting on past memories.

5. Walking in the air from The Snowman.
I have watched The Snowman on Christmas Day since i was very small, it's a tradition and this year I'm carrying on the tradition with Seb. There is something so magical about the song and the film.

What Christmas songs do you love?

Linking up with the Britums and Coca Cola festive song linky

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Leeds German Market

  On Sunday we visited the German Market in Leeds Millenium Square. 
It was the last day of the market and so it was heaving with people, this made me glad i didn't take the pram and had Alex strapped to me in a carrier instead.

Seb was awestruck by the gorgeous carousel, so him and Phil went on for a go.
He was also rather taken with the talking reindeer. 
Personally i love the food at these markets, we munched on sausages and garlic bread and got these chocolate covered marshmallow kebabs to take home(they were amazing)
I wanted to get something to take home with us, so we picked up these little tree decoations
 We then had a look in some of the city centre shops but they were ridiculously busy, so after Seb threw a tantrum in M&S we decided it was time to head home, but not before posing in front of a huge Christmas tree! 
Have you been to any Christmas markets this year?

Monday, 17 December 2012

Festive baking

 Some of my earliest memories of Christmas are baking related, helping my mum making yule logs,  fruit cake and mince pies. I want to create the same kind of memories for my babies so we have been doing loads of baking recently! 

This morning we made gingerbread.
In fact, we made enough gingerbread to feed a small army, god knows what i'm going to do with it all!
 Over the last couple of weeks we've also made star shaped Whoopie Pies(chocolate of course!)
Festive shaped biscuits coated with chocolate and decorated with smarties
Chocolate chip shortbread shaped like bells and trees and my favourite, cookies! 

Have you been doing any festive baking?

Sunday, 16 December 2012

GIVEAWAY!! Win a Luxury Pamper Kit

Fancy winning a luxury pamper kit?
Well read on to find out how you can do just that!
This kit contains all of your pampering must haves and presented in a fabulous blue tote bag. The kit contains: Nip + Fabs body wash, body lotion, facial wash, hand cream, day cream, eye cream, relaxation mask, hydrating mask and facial scrub.

 It couldn't be simpler to enter. Just comment on this post telling me who you would give the pamper set as a gift this Christmas and why. Please include your email too, so that you can be contacted easily.
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The winner will be chosen on 24th December and contacted by email. 

This giveaway is courtesy of the Sainsbury's Money Matters Blog, which offers information on topics like winter driving and car insurance.

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions
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Thursday, 13 December 2012

O Christmas Tree

Our lucky boy has had 3 trees to decorate this year. 

The first at nanny and grandads, this was so lovely to see. 
He put on all the decorations that i did as a child, some are over 40 years old. My favourite is this angel who is around 25 years old.
The second is his very own tree in his room, after seeing how excited he was about nanny's tree we decided to buy a little one for him with a few cheapy decorations.
The third is our proper tree, decorated with child friendly things and a couple of special bits near the top out of  the reach of tiny hands. No colour theme for us, just things i like. 
He is loving taking the decorations off and then rearranging them. 
So far we've had one tree on top of child incident, i predict more to come!
How are your little ones getting on with the tree?

Win a visit from the FA cup with Beko

Recently Beko was announced as an official supporter of The FA Cup. 
They are teaming up with kids and school newspaper First News, to run a competition that offers children the chance to win a visit at their school from The FA Cup. Super exciting for any football fan! 

 It's really simple to enter. 
Your child’s school needs to email a photo of a child or children, holding aloft a cut out of The FA Cup e.g. in celebratory style or with their school team. Ten schools will win a visit from The FA Cup – but the overall winner will also get a whole load more, including:
  • A coaching session with an FA Legend
  • Tickets for the school football team (girls or boys) plus two teachers to go to an FA Cup semi-final
  • 11 football kits for their school team, including shirts, shorts and socks
 For more information, head to the Beko Mums United facebook page here

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Tag

I've seen this tag around on various blogs so thought i'd give it a go.

1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
I love the build up, seeing peoples decorations, the markets that pop up in every town, and mostly spending time with the people that i love.

2. What is your favourite make up look for the festive season?
Smokey eyes and nude lips paired with sparkly nails.

3. Real or fake tree?  
Real trees, they just look so much nicer and classier. However sadly we have a fake one :(

4. Giving or receiving presents? 
Most definately giving, i used to love receiving(and of course it is always nice to be given something lovely) but now i'm mostly excited about seeing Seb open his presents.

5. Do you open your presents in the morning or evening?

In the morning!! I can't understand people who wait!

6. Handmade or bought Christmas cards?
A mixture this year, me and Seb are making some for family.

7. What is your favourite Christmas film?
Love Actually, Bad Santa and The Snowman if you count it as a film.

8. What is your favourite Christmas food?
There is too much that i love to eat at this time of year and none of it healthy.
Pigs in blankets, tins of chocolates, crackers with cheeses, peanuts to name just a few.

Feel free to join in with the tag :)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

First smiles

On Sunday Alex smiled for the first time, being the photo crazy mama that i am, i spend an age trying to get him to do it again so i could capture it on camera and here it is. 
At the moment those smiles have only been for me. I forgot how amazing it is when your baby starts to respond to you and i did have a little cry over it.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Review: Lush The Melting Snowman

If you read regularly you'll know that we are huge Lush fans in this household.
We popped in a couple of weeks back and picked up a couple of their Christmas bits to try out. 

For Seb we got The Melting Snowman as he currently loves 'nomen'and we knew he'd love sharing his bath with this little fella. 
He is a bath melt, so you just pop him into a ready run bath and he melts away leaving milky coloured water and a lovely orangey scent. The water was very soft and left Seb's skin feeling lovely even before he had his body lotion on.

For less then £2 this would make a cute stocking filler for a child of any age(or a grown up for that matter)
. Thumbs up Lush! 

Available to buy online and instore.

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