Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas sensory tray

I decided to create Christmas themed sensory tray this week. 
It is so easy to do, i dyed some rice red and then mixed it together with undyed white rice in one side of his sand and water table,sprinkled some red sequins on top then added a few red and white peppermint candycanes and a couple of scoops. In the other half of the tray i put a length of chunky tinsel, some lametta(i hate this stuff!), a wreath decoration made from bells, a bowl full of sequins and gems and finally a polar bear.

Sadly our camera had gone walkabouts so i had to use my phone, hence the not so great photos.
 Seb;s reaction when he saw this waiting for him was 'WOW!' it seems to be his favourite word at the moment.
As usual Seb loved scooping the rice and running it through his fingers, he also used the candy canes as stirrers. The bell wreath was jingled and danced to and the tinsel was worn as an accessory. The polar bear(or dog as Seb insisted on calling it) was fed rice and the lametta was judged to be 'pretty'.
 This tray stimulated Seb's sense of touch, sight, hearing and smell and was great for his language developent as we talked about all of the things, and used lots of descriptive words.

Really you could put whatever you wanted into this, some of these bits were things i already had others i sourced cheaply. We're going to keep this in his tray in the run up to Christmas so that he can keep coming back to it.

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