Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Review: Lush The Enchanter

This may be an odd way to start a post but recently i had the most amazing bath! Look at this picture and i'm sure you'll agree with me.
Anyone who knows me, knows that i love Lush, whenever i'm near a store i ALWAYS go in and buy a few bits. I placed an order a couple of weeks ago for some Christmas presents(my dad loves their soaps) and chucked a few bits in for myself. One of these bits was The Enchanter.
It doesn't look that exciting, just a normal bath ballistic but as soon as i put it into the bath this happened!
After the initial burst of orange, the bomb then started turning some water pink and created a bit of lather which gave an amazing marbled effect to my bath water as you can see from the first photo. 
Scentwise it is a lovely citrus-sy smell which would be the lime oil that it contains, the scent filled the bathroom and was really uplifting.

The only issue i had was once i had finished my bath, there was a slight orange ring around where the top of the water had been, but this did come off. 

These are £3.20 from the Lush wesbite. 

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