Thursday, 27 December 2012

What we wore on boxing day

So i mentioned a few days back that i was going to start posting about fashion and beauty on here a bit more, i used to write a fashion blog and was going to restart on there but i think running two blogs plus looking after a baby and toddler wouldn't be practical time wise.

On boxing day we went to a local rugby game with Phil's parents and brother. They are huge rugby lovers and are involved with the local club but I'd never been to a game before, i think it is probably nice in the sunshine but on a cold December day it wasn't my cup of tea! 

Floral ballet wrap dress-ASOS, Leggings-New Look, Green cardi-H&M
 Birdcage necklace-Accessorise
 Models Own- Emerald City, very messily applied!
 Seb wore a fab new top from a company called Their Nibbs, i LOVE the quirky print on this.
 Alex kept it cool in a Benetton guitar jumper and burgundy trousers from Tesco.
What did you get upto on Boxing day?

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