Monday, 7 January 2013

Baby Sensory. Fibre Optic Lights.

When we were at my nephews birthday disco, i noticed how amazed Alex was by the lights,  he followed their movements for ages. This got me thinking of ideas of things to do at home to stimulate him. 
It can be hard to think of things to do with a young baby and obviously at the momment Alex doesn't need much to keep him entertained, everything is new and exciting,  but it is fun to get their minds working plus it really helps to tire them out! 

When we got home i dug out my old fibre optic lamp, this used to sit in my room as a teen and was more recently in Seb's bedroom.

We put Alex on his playmat with the light on next to him and he adored it. He was cooing and chattering away to the light as it changed colours. 
It was hard to get photos as the room was dark but you get the idea from these pictures!

Its a nice activity as you can sit with your baby and chat to them about the light, the different colours etc plus the light is really relaxing for both mum and baby so it would be nice to do when it has been one of those long days!

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