Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Bye bye dummy

On New Years Eve Seb went to bed without a dummy for the first time since he was tiny. It wasn't planned but he was exhausted and so fell asleep within 5 minutes proving that he really doesn't need it.
Seb only ever had his dummy at sleeptimes so i wasn't too worried about it and hadn't planned on getting rid until he was old enough to understand the concept of the 'dummy fairy' but as he took the lead we decided to follow it and take a no fuss approach.
So on Tuesday night we put him to bed with no dummy, we didn't even mention it, after a few minutes of cross shouting(if he had been upset i would have let him have it) he settled and went to sleep. Each night he was less bothered and by Saturday there was no protest at all.
Yet again he has amazed me with how laidback he is! It feels like he is really leaving babyhood behind as he will soon be going into a bed and he is showing a few signs that he is getting near to potty training.

In the meantime i'm looking forward to a dummy free life(we haven't given Alex one).

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