Sunday, 13 January 2013

DIY Dye it yourself

I love to dress my boys in bright colours and have been saying for ages that i was going to try dying some bits myself. I finally got around to buying some dye(Phil reminded me) and gave it a go.

We went for a bright yellow and just got a small pack which you use to dye by hand, you also need 250g of salt to use with this size of dye.

 To make up the dye you mix it with 500ml of warm water. 
Then fill a container(we used a washing up bowl) with 6 litres of warm water to which you add the salt then the dye. I used an old wooden spoon to give it a good stir.
Then you add the things you want to dye, i did a muslin, a couple of baby vests for Alex and a couple of Seb's big boy vests too.  
You submerge them in the water, stir for 15 minutes and then leave for a further 45 minutes stirring regularly. 
Then you rinse the fabric in cold water, then wash in warm water and allow to dry away from direct heat or sunlight.
I am so happy with the results that we got, it took really well to everything and the boys look fab in their vests. 
I have ordered a couple more dyes to use and might even give tie dying a go.

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