Thursday, 3 January 2013

Let it snow

Back before Christmas i got some fake snow for Seb to play with.  What with one thing and another, i only got around to using it last week but it was worth the wait. 

The snow came as a powder which you add water too and it expands and turns into snow. I was suprised at just how snow like it was to look at and to touch. I made it up with ice cold water to make it even more realistic to touch. 

As usual i popped the snow into his sand/water table. I also put some snow shovels(spades) in, a couple of snowball decorations and a polar bear in. 
Seb spent an age shovelling the snow and feeding snow to his polar bear. He was a bit reluctant to touch it at first but once i'd led the way he happily copied me! He did attempt to taste some, which didn't go down to well, it obviously doesn't very taste good!

We threw the snow away after a couple of days though, apparantly it can last upto a month if you store it in a sealed bag and spray with water. 
I really hope we get some real snow this year to play in, but if not this is a good alternative.

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