Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Two months

Alex is a whole 2 months old already.
I am lucky to have such a content baby who rarely cries, he is alot like his big brother in that way.
He loves being naked wether kicking around on his mat or having a bath.
He is really responsive now, lots of smiles for people he knows and even some laughs. He loves lying on his mat on the floor and watching Seb run around playing and smiles and giggles away at him. 
He is getting so vocal, and makes lots of lovely noises. He enjoys his bouncer and coos and chats away to the owl that hangs down. 
He is piling on the weight after his slow start, and was 12lb 2 last time we checked and 60cm long.
We have only had one bad night since he was born, he generally sleeps in his cot until around 4 or 5 am, wakes for some milk and then gets into our bed until morning. We all love those snuggles.
I am cherishing every moment this time around. They change so quickly.

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