Sunday, 27 January 2013

We're in!

So this week we moved into our new home which has meant that blogging has taken a back seat and i've been busy unpacking the.mountains of boxes and building furniture instead.
The house is great, we have so much more space and it is far more practical for a family then our old place.

Seb has had a couple of unsettled bedtimes, waking up in tears but a cuddle and reassuring him that we are only downstairs seems to help and he goes back off to sleep. Alex of course has no idea that we've moved!

 I have to say it is a hard task moving with such young children,far harder then i expected especially as Phil has been working long shifts until 8.30pm so i've been trying to pack and look after the boys but it will be worth it in the long run! 
I am going to do some housey posts as we get the rooms sorted out. I am still deciding what to do in Alex's room(any suggestions welcome)but he will be in with us for a while yet anyway.

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