Thursday, 28 February 2013

Weaning rambles and recommendations

This week Alex turned 17 weeks old(already?!).17 weeks was when we started to wean Seb onto solids. He seemed to be ready for it and took to food right away, and really enjoyed the weaning process and still loves his food now. Though it was quite a young age to wean, it was right for him.

Alex however is a different baby, he is only just settling into a more regular pattern with his milk, taking 5 x 7ox bottles a day, this seems to suit him and he is not interested in food for now so we have no plans to wean him just yet. I am pretty excited to start though, there is something really pleasurable in seeing your baby enjoy something you have prepared.

We'll be using the bumbo to start as Seb still uses his highchair, he is really happy in it still so I'm not kicking him out of it yet but i don't want 2 highchairs cluttering up my kitchen so i guess the transition will have to happen at some point. 

Talking of highchairs i really recommend the Ikea cheapy one, it is very basic but this is the best thing about it, there are no nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in so it is easy to clean, no fabric(you can buy an insert if you wish) to get stained and you can even chuck in the shower to wash down if you have a particularly messy meal. We have one at our house and 1 at each set of grandparents, it's lasted us for 2 years with no problems and we'll be reusing it for Alex(we will get a new tray though).

I didn't use jar food with Seb and won't be with Alex either, i made my own purees and froze into ice cube trays(you don't need to buy the special weaning ones if you don't want too), i am hoping to give Alex mainly what we eat, as i cook for Seb anyway this should be pretty easy for me to do. I will have some Ella's Kitchen pouches in the cupboard, they contain no rubbish and are great for a quick meal or for when you are out and about.

I am going to dig out my River Cottage Baby and Toddler cookbook, this is a fantastic book, it has lots of info on weaning and despite the name has great recipes that the whole family can eat with tips to make it suitable for your baby or toddler, i much prefer this approach rather then making meals specifically for a baby. I originally got it from the library and then went onto buy it as i liked it so much.  I know many people swear by Annabel Karmel but she isn't really my cup of tea. 

I already have plates and bowls(Ikea again!) and spoons waiting to be used. I also have a variety of cups for him, Seb was a nightmare with cups and refused to tip them up so we would have to tip it for him until he worked out how to use the cups with a straw, therefore  i have loads of cups that have only been used once or twice. 

I still need to get a few tubs for taking snacky bits out and about, i don't know why but all the ones i had for Seb are missing lids, i also need some coveralls for him(carrot stains are so hard to get rid of!) and a messy mat for the floor.

What age did you wean? Do you have any book or product recommendations?

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Nails: Topshop Poolside

I ordered this polish from the Topshop website hoping that it would be a dupe for my China Glaze For Audrey polish which has sadly gone gloopy past the point of saving. When it arrived i found that though it isn't an exact dupe it is very similar and it has adorned my nails all week. 
I find Topshop polishes are pretty hardwearing, this one survived several days of washing up, sterilising bottles etc with no topcoat.

Sadly i had to cut my nails super short after one breaking. I did also take a photo with a flash but it was far far too bright to post. 
 Do you have any Topshop polishes?

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Red Nose Day T-shirts by Stella McCartney

When i saw these t-shirts in TK Maxx, i knew i had to get some for the boys. 
Not only are they super cute but they are of course for a great cause.  They come in sizes to fit the whole family so i urge you go and part with some cash in your local TK Maxx.

Oranges and Lemons

Last year we dabbled with some fruit and veg printing using potato and apples among other things. This week i decided to revisit it using an orange and a lemon.
I used the right colours for the fruits as Seb is learing colours at the moment, so it was a good chance for him to work out that the fruit and paints were matching. 

He liked making the prints but soon found that it was also alot of fun to use the fruit to rub paint all over the paper, thus obliterating the prints! 
 Quick, simple activities like these are great for me at the moment. It means Seb still gets the chance to be creative and get one on one time with me but they are short and simple enough for me to be able to work them in around Alex.


Monday, 25 February 2013

Easybelt Review

Sebastian is like his dad, long and super slim which means trousers are usually far too big around the waist and he ends up losing them during the day. Most the belts i have found have proper buckles which aren't really practical for a 2 year old, so this was causing me real issues.

However i was recently sent an Easybelt to review.

Easybelts are designed and made by a lovely lady called Kay, she originally designed them for her son who was also all legs and no waist. Instead of a buckle the belts fasten with a Velcro strap,which of course is far more practical for a young child. They come in a range of designs and sizes so there one for everyone. 
These belts are also fantastic for anyone who has issues fastening belts from child to adult.

We chose a grey belt as it would go with alot of Seb's clothes, this retails at just £6.
  The belt is really simple to use, it looks fantastic and most importantly it keeps my little terrors trousers where they should be! Seb has mastered this belt and i can see him being able to use this easily will be really handy once he is out of nappies.

For more info or to buy an Easybelt, check out the website here :)

**We were sent this belt to review but all opinions are my own**

Sunday, 24 February 2013

The weekend

As my lovely husband had the whole weekend off, this weekend has been a family one spent at our house. It has involved lots of cooking, playing and a visit from the husbands parents and grandma. 

On Saturday i made a red velvet cake 
Seb had great fun watching the cake rise in the oven
For dinner i made beef cannelloni with a ridiculous amount of cheese

Sunday morning saw our usual family breakfast. I try and make it so that we all sit down together and eat on a Sunday mornings, this week it was pancakes with nutella and fruit. Even Alex sits with us in his Bumbo.
Sunday afternoon is snoozetime! 
What have you been up to this weekend?

Friday, 22 February 2013

Painting with cars

We love painting and we love cars so this week we decided to combine them and do some panting with cars 
 I got a few toy cars with textured wheels, some paper and some paints. I used an old baking tray to pop some paint onto and then i showed Seb how to get the wheels covered in paint and to run them along the paper. 
Seb had great fun with this, mixing the colours and dipping his fingers into the paints too. I am going to do the same thing in the summer but outside with big sheets of paper to make it more fun. 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Brotherly love

Tots100 and Printerpix are currently running a fabulous competition where we get to show off our lovely children and be in with the chance of winning a fabulous prize! 

The photo I've chosen to enter was taken just this week and makes me smile each time i look at it.  I always make sure to have the camera(or my phone) with me at all times to capture special moments. This was taken at bath time, which both the boys love.
Though not technically perfect i think it captures Sebastian's affection for his baby brother and Alex's look of bewilderment perfectly! I love the bond that these two share, Seb comes looking for Alex every morning and Alex is full of smiles as soon as Seb appears. I want to record these moments as i am sure as they grow up, they will not always be so adoring towards each other!
 This is my entry into the family portrait category

Tummy with Mummy review

Way back when i was pregnant i won a Tummy with Mummy on twitter. When it arrived i stored it ready to use once baby arrived.

I had never seen anything like this before so i thought i would share my views about it. 
Tummy with Mummy is a foldaway baby and toddler seat with a tummy time platform. Tummy time is really important for babies, it helps to strengthen neck, shoulder and arm muscles and it can also reduce the chances of a baby getting a flat head.  I'm quite lucky that Alex has enjoyed being on his tummy since birth but of course some babies hate it.  

We first got the Tummy with Mummy out when Alex was a couple of weeks old.  To be honest at that point he wasn't keen, it seemed too big for him and he preferred to lie on his playmat. So we put it away ready to try again.
We have had it out for the last couple of weeks and Alex(now 3 months) loves it. He loves to lay on it watching everyone and he loves it when you sit on the floor and chat with him while he is on it. He is very alert and nosey so its ideal for him as the platform means he isn't just looking at things that are at floor level.
Of course your baby can also be turned over and lie on their back on this too, but we haven't tried that yet as Alex prefers to be on his tum. 
As i said above this is also a baby and toddler seat. If you take off the fleece layer, you can attach a safety harness and baby can sit in this, using the back part as support. We haven't sat Alex up in it yet but Seb has had a go and is always quite keen to sit in it when it's not being used by Alex so I'm guessing that it's comfy!

I like that you can fold it down quickly and easily and it folds up really small, so it would great if you are short on space. 

So I'm giving the Tummy with Mummy a big thumbs up, i would say its great for babies who are 3 months and upwards. Once Alex is done with it, we will be storing it for baby number 3. 

For more info, see the Tummy with Mummy website here

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

An outfit post- York

For our jaunt to York at the weekend i wore a new dress :) 

I ordered this dress from Topshop last week, it is so comfy and easy to wear and the colour certainly brightens up a dull day! They do these in loads of colours, so i think i may invest in some more. I know alot of people hate leggings but for me they are an essential, i don't wear jeans and these provide more coverage then a pair of tights when crawling around on the floor.

Orange speckle dress-Topshop, Black cardi-La Redoute, Leggings-New Look
 Leopard skinny  belt-Matalan
 I also wore leopard print pumps from Matalan. 

A few pictures from York, it is such a gorgeous place to visit :)


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Trendy Tuesday

I've been slacking on the trendy tuesday front recently, so today i bring you 2 outfits from Sebastian.

 First up is an outfit he wore for a birthday party. At the moment i'm into layering a cute shirt over Seb's tops for a bit of extra warmth.

Purple trousers-H&M, Check shirt-Tesco(such a bargain)
Skull tee- Next. I have to say i never usually buy things in Next, i find it a bit bland but we popped in to look at the home stuff and randomly came out with a few tops for Seb.
He also wore his fabby Batman Converse.
The second outfit is from today. We haven't done much, just a walk to the shop with a stop off at the park. 

Relaxed jeans-H&M, Red check shirt-Primark(this is so lovely for less then a fiver!), Grey punk rock tee(underneath)-H&M
Outside he wore his grey who cares if it gets messy coat from Asda, hat from Boots and grey pumps from Primark. 
Do you have a trendy little one? Link up with Medicated Follower of Fashion for Trendy Tuesday.

What my toddler eats

 I love these sorts of posts as they are great for ideas and just for being nosey! I did a few similar posts last year but some reason never kept on with them. Recently i've been reading Bethany's posts and it's inspired me to start doing them again.
Anway here is what Seb ate one day last week. 

For breakfast he had chocolate chip brioche with fresh blueberries and strawberries along with about half a pint of full fat milk
 Then for lunch he had cheesey rice cakes, grapes and a little piece of chocolate for a treat along with water to drink.
 In the afternoon he had a plum and some more water to drink, i forgot to take a photo of this! 
For dinner he had fish and chips, toddler style! I prefer to give him proper meals but once a week or so he will have something like fish or vegetable fingers, usually when Phil is working late so we can't sit and eat as a family. This looks a really small portion but trust me these chips were huge! He has about another half pint of full fat milk with his dinner.
Then for pudding he had natural yoghurt with chopped up cherries on top.
So there we have it, a food day in the life of a 2 year old! 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Sophie the Giraffe. Worth the hype?

 When Seb was tiny, everyone seemed to be buying Sophie the giraffe for their babies, along with the jumperoo it seemed to be a must have. Personally i didn't get the hype, Seb was never that bothered about chewing on things and i read a few things that made me wary of Sophie such as the colouring coming off when the little ones chewed her.

Now Alex is at the teething stage, his gums are hardening and he is dribbling like a trooper, he is also chewing on everything! So i decided to do a little research on Sophie. I found that she is made of 100% natural rubber and painted with food grade paint.
With this in mind i ordered one from Amazon, it arrived in 2 days. When i first got it out of the box, i wasn't overly impressed, it looks and feels like a dog toy and squeaks like a dog toy too. However when i introduced her to Alex, it was love at first sight and they are now very good friends indeed. He seems to like chewing her feet and mouth the best at the moment
 I can safely say, i am now a fan, she may look like a dog toy, but clearly this leggy lady is a whole lot more!

Do you have a Sophie?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Big fun with little trains at The National Railway Museum

 We were lucky enough to be invited as VIP guests to the National Railway Museum in York. 
 None of us had been before so we were really excited to see what they had to offer and to check out their half term event 'Big fun with little trains' which is running until the 24th of February. 
The event includes workshops from Lego and Meccano, craft activities, a Chuggington play area, model railways and much more. Entry to the museum is free although you can make a donation, some of the activities have (very reasonable) charges.

We got the train to York, it was Seb's first time on a train and he loved it! You can get the museum directly from the train station which is really convenient, especially if you don't know York too well. 
Once we were inside my first impression was of how huge the museum is, of course it has to be be big to house the trains, but there really is so much to see and do. Seb was suitably excited and pointing out all of the trains to us. He seemed so tiny next to the massive wheels!
We rode on beautiful Teddy the steam train outside in the South Yard which was brilliant.
Then Phil and Seb went on the miniature train, which they both loved.
Seb was fascinated with the model railways, seeing the trains disappear into tunnels and seeing them come back out again.
 The Chuggington area was very very busy! It was lovely to see so many children having fun. In fact the whole museum was packed full of families enjoying themselves.
  My favourite bits were the royal trains, imagine having a bath while on a train?!
I was also rather taken with these cases and the railway posters on display.
 We had a fantastic time at the museum, even though Seb decide to become the grumpiest toddler halfway round! I really recommend it for a day out, we will certainly be coming back again.

**We were invited along to review the museum and its activities for free but all opinion are my own**

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