Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A bit of spending

On Monday afternoon we decided to go the Hepworth Museum, we've been once before when it opened but Seb was very small and i think he would get more out of it now. Anyway we got 3 buses to get there only to find that it is closed on Mondays! Mummy fail!! The heavens decided to open at that very moment so we headed to the nearest pub for a late lunch and then into Wakefield for a bit of shopping instead, that combined with a few online orders means we have some lovely new things. Here's a few favourites. 

Seb's feet have finally decided to sprout so he needed some new shoes. As i'm sure anyone who is a mum of a boy knows, nice boys shoes are hard to come by so we tend to stick to Converse mainly. 
These Batman hi tops are pretty amazing!! 
He  also got these denim pumps for when the weather gets nicer
 We popped into Primark and got him these cute jeans and a check shirt, for some reason i'm into check shirts at the moment. 
Then we got him the pirate book in TK Maxx.
Also in TK Maxx we picked up this Amplified vest for Alex, its a little big right now though  
I love this grey snowsuit from Tesco for a bargainous £10, we had this in cream when Alex was born and it's really lovely(and washes beautifully)
I have picked myself up a few new bits. 
In Primark i got this navy dress, its really cute and comes with a little tan belt on it though i will probably change that
 In there i also grabbed these leopard sunnies and some super cosy tights. These tights are amazing, they are so fleecey soft inside, i can't believe i haven't seen them before! 
 I ordered this washed out denim blue skater dress from New Look, it's a spring summer colour, so i might not wear it right away but i love skater dresses, they are such an easy shape to wear and i think this will look good paired with a really bright belt
This purple longline jumper from H&M, is perfect mum wear, it can easily be shoved on with leggings and its comfy.
I ordered this necklace on ebay for about 99p, i am so pleased with it! I have a thing for quirky necklaces and this fits the bill nicely
I also did an online order from Bomb Cosmetics and my parcel arrived this week. I am going to do a separate post about these, but i couldn't resist posting a pic of the box
I have been buying lots of homey bits for our house, but will be showing these as rooms get to how i want them but i can't resist showing off my heart shaped dish and hot pink mixing bowl! 
What have you been buying?


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