Sunday, 17 February 2013

Big fun with little trains at The National Railway Museum

 We were lucky enough to be invited as VIP guests to the National Railway Museum in York. 
 None of us had been before so we were really excited to see what they had to offer and to check out their half term event 'Big fun with little trains' which is running until the 24th of February. 
The event includes workshops from Lego and Meccano, craft activities, a Chuggington play area, model railways and much more. Entry to the museum is free although you can make a donation, some of the activities have (very reasonable) charges.

We got the train to York, it was Seb's first time on a train and he loved it! You can get the museum directly from the train station which is really convenient, especially if you don't know York too well. 
Once we were inside my first impression was of how huge the museum is, of course it has to be be big to house the trains, but there really is so much to see and do. Seb was suitably excited and pointing out all of the trains to us. He seemed so tiny next to the massive wheels!
We rode on beautiful Teddy the steam train outside in the South Yard which was brilliant.
Then Phil and Seb went on the miniature train, which they both loved.
Seb was fascinated with the model railways, seeing the trains disappear into tunnels and seeing them come back out again.
 The Chuggington area was very very busy! It was lovely to see so many children having fun. In fact the whole museum was packed full of families enjoying themselves.
  My favourite bits were the royal trains, imagine having a bath while on a train?!
I was also rather taken with these cases and the railway posters on display.
 We had a fantastic time at the museum, even though Seb decide to become the grumpiest toddler halfway round! I really recommend it for a day out, we will certainly be coming back again.

**We were invited along to review the museum and its activities for free but all opinion are my own**

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