Friday, 15 February 2013

Bomb Cosmetics

In our new house we have a rather fabulous and huge corner bath.
Being a bath fiend, it has become my favourite place to spend an hour or 2 once the boys are in bed. Anyone who knows me would tell you that i am a huge Lush fan but when i was looking for bath bombs, i found that i have tried all the ones that appealed to me so i decided to try out Bomb Cosmetics instead. 
The prices are reasonable and there is a huuuuge range of products/ 

I ordered online and a few days late a cute purple box arrived.
Here's my order, as you can see i tried a few different products. They set me back £18.40 including postage which i think is really reasonable when you compare them to other companies.
I've used half of them so far and am really pleased. My favourite is definately the Rhubarb and Custard bath mallow, i'll definately be ordering that one again! 

Have you ever used Bomb Cosmetics?

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