Monday, 25 February 2013

Easybelt Review

Sebastian is like his dad, long and super slim which means trousers are usually far too big around the waist and he ends up losing them during the day. Most the belts i have found have proper buckles which aren't really practical for a 2 year old, so this was causing me real issues.

However i was recently sent an Easybelt to review.

Easybelts are designed and made by a lovely lady called Kay, she originally designed them for her son who was also all legs and no waist. Instead of a buckle the belts fasten with a Velcro strap,which of course is far more practical for a young child. They come in a range of designs and sizes so there one for everyone. 
These belts are also fantastic for anyone who has issues fastening belts from child to adult.

We chose a grey belt as it would go with alot of Seb's clothes, this retails at just £6.
  The belt is really simple to use, it looks fantastic and most importantly it keeps my little terrors trousers where they should be! Seb has mastered this belt and i can see him being able to use this easily will be really handy once he is out of nappies.

For more info or to buy an Easybelt, check out the website here :)

**We were sent this belt to review but all opinions are my own**

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