Friday, 8 February 2013

Imaginary friends

Did you have an imaginary friend?
I did, mine was a bit quirky. In fact he was my imaginary husband, his name was Buddy and he drove a pink porsche with red lipstick kisses all over.  When i grew out of him, i said he had gone to prison and there he remains. My dad and siblings still rib me about it, i must have had quite an imagination!

For a couple of weeks now Seb has been talking to someone called Michael, sometimes his name comes up during general chatter, other times he seems to be chasing him around while laughing. It is very strange and amusing to watch! We have racked our brains and don't know anyone called Michael so we have no idea where it has come from, i'm guessing he has heard the name out and about and it has stuck.
At first i thought he was a little young to have an imaginary friend but my mum says that mine appeared when i was very young so i guess not. 

I know some people worry about their children having these friends but according to this recent article around 37% of children create them by the age of 7.  
People used to think the creation of these friends meant there was a problem or the child was lonely but in fact research shows pretty much the opposite, these children are less likely to be shy, laugh and smile more with their friends and are better at imagining how somebody else thinks. These friends can also be used as a source of comfort if needed. 

Oldest children, only children, and children who don’t watch much television are more likely to create an imaginary friend. This probably reflects opportunity. Children need unstructured time alone to be able to invent imaginary friends.

I found this part of the article interesting. Seb is the oldest and he doesn't watch alot of TV, i don't tend to put it on much in the day, in fact since we moved(2 weeks ago) i think he has watched it once for about 20 minutes (an old episode of Rainbow) and even then he dipped in and out as he just isn't that interested. So it means he has lots of time with no distractions to use his imagination to it's fullest. 

 I am going to do as my parents did and go along with it, let him have his friend and i will write about it and put it into his memory box for when he is older. 

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