Thursday, 7 February 2013

Products i'm loving for the boys

Just as i love trying out new products for me, i also like trying out new products for the boys. 
For little ones everyone automatically thinks of Johnsons but much as i love the scent of Johnsons baby products, i'm not a huge fan of the products themselves(apart from the wipes) as for me they are quite drying. 

At the moment Alex just has plain water in his bath and we use Mum and Me baby emoliant body cream on him afterwards, i love this stuff, i did review it a while back and raved about it then. I have some Burt's Bees products which i'm going to start using on him now he is bigger.
Seb has loads of bath products , luckily he is like me and his skin isn't sensitive so we can use pretty much anything on him. At the moment he is using Halos and Horns Berry Burst shampoo which smells lovely, Crazy Soap bath paints(we have red and blue) which are lots of fun and Earth Friendly Baby Mandarin Body Lotion which again smells gorgeous. Seb's products are coming to an end now though so i'm on the hunt for new things for him.
What are you using on your little ones at the moment?

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