Monday, 18 February 2013

Sophie the Giraffe. Worth the hype?

 When Seb was tiny, everyone seemed to be buying Sophie the giraffe for their babies, along with the jumperoo it seemed to be a must have. Personally i didn't get the hype, Seb was never that bothered about chewing on things and i read a few things that made me wary of Sophie such as the colouring coming off when the little ones chewed her.

Now Alex is at the teething stage, his gums are hardening and he is dribbling like a trooper, he is also chewing on everything! So i decided to do a little research on Sophie. I found that she is made of 100% natural rubber and painted with food grade paint.
With this in mind i ordered one from Amazon, it arrived in 2 days. When i first got it out of the box, i wasn't overly impressed, it looks and feels like a dog toy and squeaks like a dog toy too. However when i introduced her to Alex, it was love at first sight and they are now very good friends indeed. He seems to like chewing her feet and mouth the best at the moment
 I can safely say, i am now a fan, she may look like a dog toy, but clearly this leggy lady is a whole lot more!

Do you have a Sophie?

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