Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Trendy Tuesday

I've been slacking on the trendy tuesday front recently, so today i bring you 2 outfits from Sebastian.

 First up is an outfit he wore for a birthday party. At the moment i'm into layering a cute shirt over Seb's tops for a bit of extra warmth.

Purple trousers-H&M, Check shirt-Tesco(such a bargain)
Skull tee- Next. I have to say i never usually buy things in Next, i find it a bit bland but we popped in to look at the home stuff and randomly came out with a few tops for Seb.
He also wore his fabby Batman Converse.
The second outfit is from today. We haven't done much, just a walk to the shop with a stop off at the park. 

Relaxed jeans-H&M, Red check shirt-Primark(this is so lovely for less then a fiver!), Grey punk rock tee(underneath)-H&M
Outside he wore his grey who cares if it gets messy coat from Asda, hat from Boots and grey pumps from Primark. 
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