Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tummy with Mummy review

Way back when i was pregnant i won a Tummy with Mummy on twitter. When it arrived i stored it ready to use once baby arrived.

I had never seen anything like this before so i thought i would share my views about it. 
Tummy with Mummy is a foldaway baby and toddler seat with a tummy time platform. Tummy time is really important for babies, it helps to strengthen neck, shoulder and arm muscles and it can also reduce the chances of a baby getting a flat head.  I'm quite lucky that Alex has enjoyed being on his tummy since birth but of course some babies hate it.  

We first got the Tummy with Mummy out when Alex was a couple of weeks old.  To be honest at that point he wasn't keen, it seemed too big for him and he preferred to lie on his playmat. So we put it away ready to try again.
We have had it out for the last couple of weeks and Alex(now 3 months) loves it. He loves to lay on it watching everyone and he loves it when you sit on the floor and chat with him while he is on it. He is very alert and nosey so its ideal for him as the platform means he isn't just looking at things that are at floor level.
Of course your baby can also be turned over and lie on their back on this too, but we haven't tried that yet as Alex prefers to be on his tum. 
As i said above this is also a baby and toddler seat. If you take off the fleece layer, you can attach a safety harness and baby can sit in this, using the back part as support. We haven't sat Alex up in it yet but Seb has had a go and is always quite keen to sit in it when it's not being used by Alex so I'm guessing that it's comfy!

I like that you can fold it down quickly and easily and it folds up really small, so it would great if you are short on space. 

So I'm giving the Tummy with Mummy a big thumbs up, i would say its great for babies who are 3 months and upwards. Once Alex is done with it, we will be storing it for baby number 3. 

For more info, see the Tummy with Mummy website here

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