Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Two years and two months

This week Seb turned 26 months, so i thought i would do a little update on him to look back on.

This week i have researched nursery schools in the local area and emailed the one i want him to go to, so i can get his name down to start next January. It is so strange to think of him going off to nursery and it makes me so sad to think of him spending so much time away from me as although i know that he will thrive there.
In this last week he has gone from his cot into a single bed, amazingly he has been fantastic(so far!), he hasn't got out once and goes straight to sleep as usual buried underneath his bear and soft toy brocolli thought he does end up in some interesting positions! In the morning he gets up at about 8 and either looks at books in bed or calls for daddy.

As ever he will eat pretty much anything we put in front of him. He always has a go at new things which i love as i was a terribly fussy eater growing up and can still be funny now and i don't want that for him. He still only has water or full fat cows milk to drink and has been drinking from open topped cups for quite a while now. 

He is a parrot and we have to be very careful what we say, he chatters in simple sentances now although of course he still babytalks alot too and some words are not perfect which can be interesting(castle is a@#ehole for example!) He is getting very cheeky and if i tell him not to do something he will repeat what i say and mimic my voice.
Books are still his big love. He can pretty much recite Dear Zoo and remembers big chunks of other books and will sit and 'read' them to us. Going to the library or bookshop is just as  exciting for him as a trip to the park.  He also loves to sing and sings chunks from loads of nursery rhymes his favourites being 5 little monkeys and 3 blind mice as well as singing along to songs on the radio. He makes up little tunes of his own too.
He is a clever cookie and has known his letters and numbers upto 12 for a few months now, people think he is just copying and so are amazed when he reads letters out unprompted and can find a letter or number if asked. More recently he has learnt several shapes and colours too. 
He adores Alex, constantly smothers him in kisses and runs to him when he cries telling me that he needs milk or that he has wind, he always covers him with blankets and does it so carefully that it makes my heart melt a little. I think they are going to be good friends.

By no means is he an angel, of course he can paddy with the best of them but i'm glad that he has spirit and knows what he wants(though i wouldn't mind if he wasn't quite so adamant at times!).

I feel so lucky to have a little boy in my life who always wakes up with a smile and makes me laugh every single day.

Update. After i wrote this post, we had a visit from our new health visitor to say hello. She thought Seb was 3 because of his speech and height!! She said i should be very proud that i am obviously doing a good job to keep him stimulated and learning *proud mummy!*

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